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Service Unit Delegates, Delegates-at-Large, and National Delegates

Member engagement is a key part of Girl Scouts of Northern California's strategy as we strive to honor the voice of our membership. Our governance system, with elected or appointed delegates serving as voting members of the council, is the main way for members to give input to our Board of Directors. Learn more about these delegate positions and how you can get involved today!

National Delegates

A National Delegate is an elected representative of Girl Scouts of Northern California who attends the National Council Session of Girl Scouts of the USA. This position is responsible for determining the direction Girl Scouting will take throughout the country. Adult and girl members ages 14+ are eligible to apply for this position. 

Represent GSNorCal at the National Council Session

Every three years, Girl Scouts gather at the National Council Session to celebrate and reinvigorate our Girl Scout Movement and chart our future. Girl Scouts of Northern California is looking for girl and adult volunteers to represent our council at the event occurring in Orlando, Florida, October 21-25, 2020.

The volunteer position is a three-year commitment which requires a Girl Scout membership for the duration. Girl Scout of Northern California will cover trip expenses for all National Delegates. In addition to conducting the business of the Movement, delegates will engage in conversations about the future and how to provide exciting educational opportunities for adults and girls.

Update regarding G.I.R.L. 2020 and the 55th National Council Session

Virtual Town Halls on National Proposals

National Council Delegates will vote on 6 proposals at the 2020 National Council Session. This summer, the national board held 21 virtual sessions with national delegates and now recommends the adoption of all 6 proposals. We are holding virtual Town Halls on 10/8 and 10/10 to provide opportunities for GSNorCal members to share their questions, concerns and opinions about the 6 proposals. It is each National Delegate's responsibility to participate in the National Council Session, "informed and not instructed." We will also provide a brief summary of each proposal during the Town Halls.

The 2020 National Council Session Workbook (pages 48-68), updated as of September 10, 2020, includes detailed information about each of the 6 proposals.

Service Unit Delegates

What is a Service Unit Delegate?

Service Unit Delegates serve as the primary communication link between our girl and adult members and Northern California's Board of Directors, provide input to the Board on our Council's strategy, and elect the Council Board of Directors.

How are Service Unit Delegates selected?

Adult and girl members age 14 and older are eligible to elect Service Unit Delegates.  Review the Voter Guide to read nominees’ bios for your service unit and then cast your vote online January 4–25.

Starting this year, only service units with more nominees than available delegate roles will need to vote, which includes Service Units 305, 307, 309, 321, 347, 618, and 625. As listed in the Voter Guide, all other service units either have uncontested races that do not require a vote (nominees are automatically considered elected due to no more candidates than available delegate positions and will not appear on a ballot) or have no nominees. 

Service Unit Delegate Resources


Delegates-at-Large serve as the primary communication link between our girl and adult members and Northern California's Board of Directors. Delegates-at-Large provide input to the Board on our Council's strategy and elect the Council Board of Directors.

The Delegates-at-Large position was developed to provide opportunities for council level groups, other than Service Units, to be represented by voting members of the council. To learn more, check out the Delegate-at-Large nomination information


For questions about delegate governance, please contact Amy Burke, Member Engagement Manager, at