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New to the VTK? Check out our handy user manual to get started!

Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is a digital resource that supports troop leaders and co-leaders, making the process of running a troop easier and more efficient.

Through the Volunteer Toolkit, troop leaders can:

  • Plan the troop’s calendar year.
  • Email parents with one click.
  • View the troop roster, renew girls’ membership, and update girls' contact information.
  • View Daisy through Ambassador Journeys and badges (to plan for troop meetings), including prepopulated tracks for younger and older Multi-Level troop groups (K–5 and 6–12).
  • Customize meetings by troop year with other badge and Journey options.
  • Explore individual meeting plans that show a breakdown of every meeting, including a list of materials needed and editable time allotments for each activity within a meeting.
  • Record girls’ attendance at meetings and their badge and Journey achievements.
  • Add council or custom troop events to the troop’s calendar.
  • Enter the troop’s finances (depending on the council’s process).
  • Easily locate resources both national and local council resources, such as Safety Activity Checkpoints

Need help logging in? Contact our Member Services department at or 800-447-4475, ext. 0.


Here are some helpful resources to help you navigate the Volunteer Toolkit and make the most of your online experience:


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access the VTK?

Access the VTK by clicking "MyGS" from our website and login with your My GS Community login. When you completed your registration and background check to become a troop leader, you were sent an email welcoming you the the "MY GS" Member Community with information to set up your account.

Need help logging in? Contact our member services department at or 800-447-4475, ext. 0.

Why Should I Use the VTK for My Troop?

With VTK you'll be able to:

Manage Your Troop Roster

  • View, download, and print your troop roster
  • Update troop members' contact information
  • Renew girl and adult memberships
  • Track meeting attendance and girl achievements

Manage Troop Communications

  • Easily email parents informational/reminders
  • Attach important permission forms or other documents to your email

Manage Your Troop Meetings

  • Digitally access pre-populated meeting plans to plan year
  • Access new meeting plans for multi-level troops
  • Access exclusive badge and journey criteria only available in the VTK
  • Customize meetings with your upcoming troop activities

Access the Criteria for New Journeys and Badges 

  • Access new Outdoor and STEM Journey year plan options
  • Access new Outdoor and STEM badges
What New Badges are Available?
What New Journeys are Available?
What Year Plan Options Are Available?

When you first log in to the VTK, you’ll need to select a track before you begin to customize your meetings or activities. The VTK has several Badge Year Tracks, Journey Year tracks and a Build Your Own Track. Each pre-selected track includes up to 15 meetings (6 for multi-level troops). You can choose one of the pre-selected badge or Journey tracks and customize it to fit the needs of your troop or you can start from scratch and select your own. The chart below shows the current tracks available for each program level. Refer to the key for help in understanding the chart.

How Do I Help My Troop Choose A Year Plan?

Deciding which badges and Journeys to work on and planning your Girl Scout year should be a troop decision. Keep it girl-led by involving girls in the planning and decision-making process.

Step 1: Review the Year Plan options with the girls.
Girls can choose from Pre-selected Tracks for Badges, Journeys, or Select Your Own.

Step 2: Make A Troop Decision

  • Ask girls to vote on their favorite badges and Journeys.
  • Find a track that most closely matches the interests of the girls, select that track and customize it or start from scratch and "Select Your Own".

Step 3: Customize Your Year Plan

How Can I Track Girl Awards?

You can now track girl's attendance and achievements right in the VTK and you can download and print girl attendance and achievements for your records. 

Girls may like to keep track of their own achievements with these handy awards logs, which have been updated with the newest Journeys and badges. These logs replace the previous versions in your Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.

The age level logs and charts are best printed on 11x17 paper but can be printed on any size paper by adjusting your print option. Details may be hard to read on 8.5x11.