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Bridging to a New Grade Level

It’s a special time when a Girl Scout graduates from one program level to another. This transition to the next level in Girl Scouting—called ‘bridging’—is an opportunity to progress as well as experience more adventures with your troop, learn new skills, and seek new challenges! Here's how to make the most of your bridging experience:

Get Ready for Your New Program Level

Check out the Badge Explorer to learn more about all of the new badges and Journeys your girls can earn. In every program level, girls can earn Journey awards, skill-building badges, and legacy badges that are designed to spark their curiosity, challenge their limits, and build competency as they progress through Girl Scouts.

We recommend taking our online trainings for your new grade level and purchasing a My Girl Scout Kit to make the transition smooth. Each Kit comes with the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, an Insignia Tab, the American Flag Patch, the World Trefoil Pin and the Membership Pin. Select your Official Uniform Item, Journey Book, Troop Numerals, Council Identification Set, and your choice of a free purple or black bag. Visit your local GSNorCal Shop to customize your kit!

Excited about moving to the next program level? Look ahead to all the new adventures your girls can have as they bridge.

Earn Your Bridging Awards & Plan a Bridging Ceremony

As your girls move up to the next program level, they can earn the 2-step Bridging Award by both passing on their Girl Scout experience to younger members and looking ahead to their new program level by connecting with older Girl Scouts.

You can even make it special for your troop by hosting a bridging ceremony where girls cross over a bridge—real or symbolic—to mark each girl’s advancement in Girl Scouts. Sometimes these are combined with a Court of Awards ceremony to start or end the troop year.

  • Prepare to earn your Bridging Awards with our guides for bridging to Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes (PDF) or Seniors, Ambassadors, and Adult Girl Scouts (PDF). You can also find the Bridging Award instructions in your Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting!
  • Plan your bridging ceremony with our handy bridging ceremony guide (PDF) for every grade level.
  • Learn more about bridging and Court of Awards in the Ceremonies and Celebrations section of our blog.
  • Get in touch with your service unit—they may also host these ceremonies in your area!
  • And if you're bridging from Juniors to Cadettes, we have a special event just for you: Golden Gate Bridging.
  • Our individually packaged and pre-assembled Bridging Kits are an easy way to prepare for your troop's Bridging Ceremony! Each Kit comes with a Bridging Certificate, Membership Star, Disc for the Membership Star, as well as a special pencil and fun patch. Kits for Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts also include Brownie Wings. Plus, all kits include a $5 coupon to the GSNorCal Shop!

Additional Resources

  • Use this guide to help your troop earn the bridging award and hold a bridging ceremony. 

  • Use this guide to facilitate your own virtual bridging activities and events! 

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Let Girls Lead More Than Before

The older your troop gets, the more hands-off your role as a troop leader should be. You’ll want to let the girls lead more as they progress into higher program levels. See our blog posts on letting girls take the lead for a more detailed guide to age-based, progressive girl leadership.