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Cookie Program Resources

It’s going to be AWESOME. Are you ready? Great. Let’s do it. Check out these great tools to help you reach your goals, and have your best cookie season yet! 

Girl & Family Resources

The 2021 Cookie Program will look a little different this year due to the pandemic. We're excited for our entrepreneurs to learn more about marketing campaigns and branding themselves through video, plus experience the incredible 24/7 benefits of ecommerce. Don't know a lot about marketing plans? Don't worry, we've got tons of support and ideas to get you started. 

Step one, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook since that’s how we’ll be sharing our tips and tricks!

Step two, watch our Family Cookie Kickoff to learn how to support your CEO (Chief Entrepreneurship Officer) in developing her entrepreneurial mindset to run her virtual cookie business. Family engagement is simple and makes a huge difference in reaching her goals!

Step three, join us every Wednesday at 6 PM for live weekly Q&A sessions with GSNorCal Product Program staff to get real-time answers and updates.

  • Goal-Setting

  • Money Management

  • Decision Making

  • People Skills

  • Business Ethics

Key Program Dates
Activity Date
Submit the Parent Responsibility Agreement ASAP
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram ASAP
Family Cookie Meeting January 6
Girls Design Online Shops & Opt-in to Locator* January 15
Marketing Campaign Tips and Tricks January 18-22
Online Shops/Locator Open – GO! Day January 23
Virtual Digital Cookie Day January 23
Families Participate in Online Shop Locator Campaign February 14-21

*Girls who opt-in to the Locator by February 7, 2021 qualify for 3 free packages to Give Joy to their communities.  Girls who qualify will be notified by GSNorCal to take 3 packages from their physical inventory to gift to customers, essential workers, or invite a girl to the joy of Girl Scouts.

Regardless of opt-in, all girls receive 10 stickers at initial distribution to share the joy of Girl Scouts with their customers.

Online Shop Locator Opt-In

Looking to reach more customers? Girls may choose to add their online shop to our shop locator which will be promoted to customers across Northern California. Customers will be directed to support participating girls' online shops within their zip code. The Online Shop Locator hosts GSNorCal entrepreneurs only.

Q&As with Product Program Staff

We’ve Got THIS!  Cookie season is looking a little different this year, but we’ve got you covered with weekly Zoom Q&A sessions with Product Program staff. Join us every Wednesday 6-7 PM during the program for weekly news and real-time answers to all your questions, join the GSNorCal Product Program team every Wednesday on Zoom from 6-7 PM to hear news from the week and ask questions.

Register here, all parents and troop volunteers supporting cookie entrepreneurs are welcome.

Setting Up Your Digital Cookie Online Shop

Due to the pandemic impacting in-person channels, we’re excited to see virtual booths everywhere, and for girls to experience the incredible benefits of ecommerce. Whether learning how to design a digital marketing campaign, building a customer database, or knowing customers are shopping at home in their jammies 24/7, girls are developing their entrepreneurial mindsets and resiliency.

The Digital Cookie platform allows girls to customize the way they learn and earn, using technology in new and engaging ways, all while earning cool cookie business badges along the way. Especially in our growing virtual world, it’s more important than ever for girls to connect with their customers. Use these resources to help her develop her digital marketing skills to create multiple Digital Cookie videos during the program to update customers on her WHY, her progress and how much time is left to support her business.

Check out these Digital Cookie resources!

Check out the FAQ section of Digital Cookie for information to support girls, families, and customers.


Get going with the Digital Cookie app for iOS and Android.

  • DigitalCookieApp
  • apple
  • google
Cookie Marketing Kit

Digital Support Materials

Zoom Backgrounds

Right Click on an image to open it in a new window and save it to your computer!

  • zoom-virtual-booth
  • zoom-trefoil-window
  • zoom-purple-desk
  • Cookie_Zoom_Tagalongs
  • Cookie_Zoom_Toffee-tastic
  • Cookie_Zoom_Thin_Mints
  • Cookie_Zoom_Do-si-dos
  • Cookie_Zoom_Girl_Scout_Smores
  • Cookie_Zoom_Trefoils
  • Cookie_Zoom_Lemon-Ups
  • Cookie_Zoom_Samoas
  • 2021_Horse_Background_1_9VDDbJv
  • 2021_Horse_Background_2_KztfM1k
  • 2021_Background_Theme_1_uRG6X8q
  • 2021_Background_Theme_3_Fah3H3V
  • 2021_Background_Theme_2_AMQUmge
  • Cookie Season is on!

Social Media Messaging

Come up with your own captions for your social media posts, or borrow some of ours: 


  • It’s cookie season! ❤ When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, the next generation of girls get a taste of what it takes to be successful and you get a taste of a delicious American tradition. Order up!
  • Who’s been waiting all year for Girl Scout Cookie Season? Don’t miss your chance to stock up on old favorites or try something new! YAY!
  • Create moments of joy at home this winter with Girl Scout Cookies! With virtual ordering and cookie delivery, it’s the easiest way to stay safe while supporting your local community. ❤ Learn more about how to get your cookies this year:
  • Girl Scout Cookies: Smiles, purpose, and YUM in every bite! Cookie season is here. Learn how you can order cookies virtually this year: INSERT OSL LINK HERE #ThinkOutsideTheCookieBox 


  • This is not a drill! Girl Scout Cookies are back! Don’t miss your chance to stock up on old favorites or try something new! YAY!
  • What empowers girls and creates joy? Girl Scout Cookies, of course! Order yours today.
  • Create moments of joy at home this winter with Girl Scout Cookies! With virtual ordering and cookie delivery, it’s the easiest way to stay safe while supporting your local community. 💚 #ThinkOutsideTheCookieBox
  • How to enjoy Girl Scout Cookie Season 2021:
    • 1. Order online or call your local troop
    • 2. Pick up your delivery from your mailbox or doorstep
    • 3. Relax and experience the joy of biting into a uniquely delicious Girl Scout Cookie! ❤ #GirlScoutCookies #VirtualCookieBooth

Cookie Countdown

The cookie program is right around the corner. Start sharing cookie buzz on your social media pages with the below images or cover photo!

Sample Messaging: “The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner... That’s right, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time! What’s your favorite flavor?”

  • coming-soon
  • cookie-countdown-3
  • cookie-countdown-2
  • cookie-countdown-1
  • fave-gs-cookie
  • LittleBrownieReady
  • GS-cookie-season

Cookies are here!

Share content throughout the program and make sure to talk about your goals and what Girl Scouts means to you.

Sample Messaging: “The wait is finally over! Support my goal to ___ and stock up on your favorite cookies today!”

  • Starts-Today
  • LittleBrownieCookieFanpride
  • 2020_Proud_Cookie_Dad
  • 2020_Proud_Cookie_Mom
  • cookie-boss
  • 2020_Proud_Cookie_Volunteer
  • come-visit-my-virtual-booth
  • visit-my-cookie-booth
  • cookie-goals
  • care-to-share2

Facebook & Twitter Cover Photos

  • Ask-Me-About-GS-Cookies_Cover
  • GS-Cookie-Time_Cover

Cookie Varieties

  • LittleBrownieSmoresFan
  • LittleBrownieTagalongsFan
  • LittleBrownieToffee-tasticFan
  • LittleBrownieLemonHere3
  • CookieAnnounce4
  • LittleBrownieSamoasFan
  • LittleBrownieDosidosFan
  • LittleBrownieThinMintsFan


  • I_AM_A_Leader
  • I_AM_Gutsy
  • I_AM_Creative
  • Launch_Eight_Messages

Holiday Promotions

  • Holidays_LU_Football_7fzeuc5
  • Holidays_Football
  • Holiday_LU_Valentine_XSWSsmX
  • 2020_Phase_Love_Cookies
  • natl-gs-cookie-weekend2
  • natl-gs-cookie-weekend

Say thanks!

After a successful cookie program, it’s time to say thank you to all who supported your goals. You can even tag them to make it more personal!

Sample Messaging: “Thank you for supporting my goals! You helped me reach my goal of _____ and you got a delicious package of cookies, too! Because of you, I’ll be onto my next Girl Scout adventure in no time!” 

  • thank-you-trefoil
  • thank-you-toffeetastic
  • thank-you-tagalong
  • thank-you-lemonup
Program Resources
Care to Share

Care to Share is GSNorCal’s service project in which we share our delicious cookies with the community! Girls sell virtual cookies ($5 per package, no specific variety) either online or in-person to be donated by the council to a local organization, such as food banks or military bases, at the end of the program. (Per IRS regulations, all donations collected while participating in product programs should be put toward Care to Share.)

Elevate Your Cookie Business

Branding You, Cookie Logistics, Cookieology, and Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur give you tips, activities, and other resources to strengthen specific parts of your cookie business!

COVID In-Person Guidance

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the most publicly visible activity in Girl Scouting and provides us a unique opportunity to model leadership by doing our part in reducing community transmission of COVID-19. Girls and adults should understand and follow this guidance, as well as model Girl Scout Law behavior at all times, while representing Girl Scouts during all Cookie Program activities.

This guidance is designed using the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy , and has been updated 02/2021 based on improving community transmission and vaccination rates, and on-going monitoring with our sister California Girl Scout councils. 

  • GSNorCal COVID-19 Guidance and  PARENT/CAREGIVER & VOLUNTEER COVID PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT FOR IN-PERSON MEETINGS should be reviewed, accepted, and adhered to by participating girls and adults.
  • Girls should remain within their county boundaries when conducting in-person activities – with the exception of:
    • All Counties: contactless porch product deliveries;  
    • Orange and yellow counties may go to same color counties for in-person activities.
  • Non-compliance with State of California, County-specific, and GSNorCal COVID guidance may result in removal from the 2021 Cookie Program.
    • First report results in volunteer follow up with the girl and her family.
    • Second report results in GSNorCal staff follow up and possible removal from the 2021 Cookie Program. 
    • Examples of non-compliance: not wearing masks, not taking social distancing precautions, more than two people at a booth, etc.
COVID-19 Cookie Guidelines

In-person activities:

  • Door-to-Door Marketing and Transacting:
    • Flyers, business cards, signs with girls’ online shop information may be distributed.
    • Knocking on doors to transact with customers allowed with appropriate safety precautions in place.
      • Customers may not answer their door to minimize their exposure. We recommend knocking once and then leaving contact information.
    • Required safety precautions:
      • Masks are required. Double masking is recommended.
      • Gloves are recommended for visual safety reassurance.
      • 6 foot physical distancing.
      • Contactless whenever possible, including payment acceptance.
  • Contactless payment acceptance:
    • We recommend all customer purchases be transacted through girls' online shops.
    • When not possible to accept payment through girls’ shops, we encourage using credit card readers to reduce transmission touchpoints.
    • Should a girl and adult choose to accept cash or check in rare circumstances, appropriate safety precautions must be taken and adults should deposit these physical payments into their personal account, then electronically transfer the funds to their troop volunteer.
  • Contactless deliveries:
    • Volunteers will provide families with county and site-specific guidance for exchange of products. Plan for extra time.
    • Contactless porch product deliveries should be planned and shared with customers in advance of the drop.
  • In-person order pickups – walk up or drive by:
    • Individual Household participation allowed in all counties. One girl and one adult only.
    • Follow county, site, property, and/or business restrictions.
    • Review Walk-up & Drive-by Site Guidance.
      • Required safety precautions:
      • Masks are required. Double masking is recommended.
      • Gloves are recommended for visual safety reassurance.
      • Hand sanitizer available.
      • Clearly marked 6 foot physical distancing.
      • Signage with QR code and customer instructions recommended over verbal communication.
      • Contactless whenever possible, including payment acceptance.
      • Outdoor only.
    • Site acquisition and approval process varies by service unit. Check with your local cookie volunteer prior to setting up site.
      • Major chain retailers should not be approached by families or troop volunteers.
      • Sites not guaranteed to be included in Cookie Finder.
      • Appeals and concerns escalate to the Product Program staff.

Please note: Even with health and safety precautions, there are no guarantees that anyone can prevent exposure to COVID-19. There is an inherent risk of exposure and illness in participating in any in-person activity.

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

Each Girl Scout grade level has its own set of requirements to help families guide their Girl Scout as she runs her own cookie business year after year. Girls can earn all 13 pins in the collection—one unique pin for every year they participate and meet the requirements. Guidelines for each program level are on the Volunteer Toolkit in the resources tab and linked below.