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Cookie Program Resources

It’s going to be AWESOME. Are you ready? Great. Let’s do it. Check out these great tools to help you reach your cookie sales goals, and have your best cookie season yet!

Key Program Dates
Activity Date
Troop Cookie Program parent meeting December/January
Troop initial orders and opt-out choice due January 13
Digital Cookie email to parents Early January
Digital Cookie GO DAY! Program Begins—online selling opens 2 weeks prior to in-hand selling January 25
Digital Cookie Day events at offices January 25
Cookie distribution window to troop volunteers and girls February 5-9
Cookies In-hand GO DAY! Program Begins—girls selling in person February 10
First ACH Debit February 25
National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend February 28-
March 1
Girl Scout Week March 8-14
Girl Scout Birthday March 12
Cookie businesses close March 15
Final ACH Debit March 25
Reward Cards mailed to girls Late April
Recognition items distributed May
Experiential Rewards and Events May-July, October
Preparing for Your Cookie Program
  • Care to Share – Care to Share is GSNorCal’s service project in which we share our delicious cookies with the community! Girls sell virtual cookies ($5 per package, no specific variety) either online or in-person to be donated by the council to a local organization, such as food banks or military bases, at the end of the program. (Per IRS regulations, all donations collected while participating in product programs should be put toward Care to Share.)
  • Computer and Internet Use Safety Actvity Checkpoints
  • Cookie and Product Program Safety Activity Checkpoints
  • Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin – Together you and your girl can grow her skill set and make amazing memories by following the steps of the new Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins, and earn a different pin for her uniform every season to show off her newest skill developments! The guidelines have been tailored for each Girl Scout level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador), making success a snap!
  • Cookie Family Guide – Everything you need to have a successful Cookie Program. Key dates, selling tips, and more helpful resources. 
  • Cookie Program Overview Video – We want to make sure that Troop Volunteers, Service Unit Volunteers, girls, and parents have everything they need for a successful Cookie Program. Check out our council's video to get an overview of this year’s program. 
  • Cookie Program Retail Products – Boost your sales this cookie season with these exciting promotional products. These items will make your stand out and draw attention to your business.
  • Cookie Reward Details, Dates, and Descriptions – From adorable plushies to tech treats, and even awesome experiences, there's plenty of opportunities for your girl to set her eyes on the prize and get-goaling!
  • ebudde Website
  • Entrepreneur Progression Chart
  • Girl Scout Retail Shops – From booth decorations and cookie carts to fun patches and apparel, GSNorCal shops have everything your girl needs to stand out! 
  • Little Brownie Bakers – In addition to tasty cookies, our bakers also provide handy resources and activity ideas to help girls set goals, practice money management, decorate their booths, share their excitement and their business on social media, and more!
  • Parent Responsibility Form (en Español– Each Girl Scout family submits this completed form to their troop cookie manager prior to participating in the Cookie Program, including cookie booths. Talk with your troop leader for more information.

Resources and Guidelines

Follow some basic tips to be your best #cookieboss!

Cookie Selling Tips

Getting Started

There are a variety of opportunities to sell cookies beyond door-to-door sales and cookie booths—below are suggestions for selling cookies. 

  • Ask away! The number one reason people don’t buy cookies is because they were never asked.
  • Encourage customers to buy enough cookies to last until the following cookie season. A hot summer day is the perfect time for a frozen Thin Mint.
  • Always tell customers your goals for selling cookies. Decorate t-shirts, paint posters, or make signs explaining your goals.
  • Host a troop door-to-door sales party. Split into teams and walk door-to-door in designated neighborhoods, then meet as a troop to warm up and celebrate the troop’s success. Consider recognizing each team for a unique accomplishment: most cookies sold, most Samoas sold, best manners, best energy, etc.
  • Save your order cards from year-to-year and contact previous buyers first.
  • Offer Girl Scout Cookie recipes.

Do you have ideas not covered here? Feel free to share your tips on our Facebook page!

Turning a “No” into a “Yes”

Her potential customers might have questions or be reluctant to buy cookies. Don't be discouraged! Sometimes a "not sure" is really an invitation for you and your Girl Scout to explain more about the Cookie Program. Practice these talking points with your Girl Scout so that she can share them with tough customers. 

  • All cookie money stays local.
  • The council proceeds are reinvested into the girls and troops through grants, subsidizing camp fees, and providing programming.
  • The Cookie Program is about the Girl Scouts who are learning skills and earning money for their troops.
  • Her Girl Scout troop's personal cookie and entrepreneurship goal.

If her customers still prefer not to buy cookies, remind her to thank them for their time with a smile!

Note: If the topics or questions become heated or controversial, you can step in as the adult and kindly ask the customers to check GSUSA’s Cookie FAQ webpage or to reach out to our council for more detailed information.

Safety Guidelines

All girls who participate in the Cookie Program must follow the safety guidelines from Girl Scouts of the USA below.

  • Show you’re a Girl Scout. Wear your Girl Scout membership pin and/or Girl Scout clothing to identify yourself as a Girl Scout.
  • Buddy up. Always use the buddy system. It’s not just safe, it’s more fun!
  • Be streetwise. Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling cookies.
  • Partner with adults. Adults must accompany Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors when they are selling or delivering product. Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors must be supervised by an adult when they are selling or delivering product. They must never sell alone. Adults should be present at cookie booths at all times.
  • Plan ahead. Always have a plan for safeguarding money—avoid walking around with large amounts of it or keeping it at home or school. Give cookie money to supervising adults who should deposit it as soon as possible.
  • Do not enter. Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries. Avoid selling to people in vehicles or going into alleys.
  • Sell in the daytime. Only go door-to-door during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Protect privacy. Girls’ names, addresses, and email addresses should never be given out to customers. Use a group contact number or address overseen by an adult for customers to request information, reorder, or give comments. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information elsewhere. Girls should never take down credit card numbers.
  • Be safe on the road. Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways. Be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles.
  • Be internet savvy. Take the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before going online and follow the specific guidelines related to marketing online.
Cookie Boss Resources