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GGB 2021 Update: Girl Scouts of Northern California will not be hosting an in-person Golden Gate Bridging event in 2021.

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Golden Gate Bridging

Even though Girl Scouts of Northern California will not be hosting an in-person Golden Gate Bridging event in 2021, we're so excited to continue our annual tradition of celebrating Juniors on their journey to becoming Cadettes with 3 brand new GGB Program Boxes! Designed to be enjoyed at-home, these Program Boxes were made especially for troops to feel connected, even when they're apart, as well as begin to showcase some of the amazing programmatic opportunities for our 5th–6th grade Girl Scouts! 

GGB Program Boxes will begin shipping* in February 2021.

We've also heard loud and clear from parents, volunteers, and girls themselves that Girl Scouts are looking for more ways to connect with one another while sheltering in place. In response, we'll also be hosting monthly virtual experiences centered around GGB traditions! Together, we'll explore Bay Area landmarks, swap stories new and old about Golden Gate Bridging, AND design bridges that celebrate this momentous moment. The three virtual sessions will be included with each program box purchase: Bay Area Explorers, Story Swap! GGB, and The Great Bridge Challenge


Stay connected! Join our GSNorCal Golden Gate Bridging Facebook Group to meet other Girl Scout troops with bridging Junior Girl Scout troops.

Available Program Boxes:

Crissy Field Program Box

The Crissy Field Box

Though we will miss the beautiful chaos as 7,000 new Cadettes descend onto Crissy Field at the end of April, we're here to inspire some GGB magic! This box is for our Do-It-Yourself troops. Those inspired by GGB and determined to host their own in the Spring time over the virtual space. This box is for those dedicated to their Golden Gate Bridging endeavors featuring a GGB shirt for both leaders and Girl Scouts, a GGB lanyard, patch, and pin.

Cost: $80 (GSNorCal Product Program reward cards are applicable)
What's included**: GGB Fun Patch (x5), Pin (x5), Lanyard (x5), Girl Shirt (x4), Women's Fit Shirt (x1)

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Togetherness Program Box

Togetherness Box

"Make New Friends, But Keep the Old" is this box's motto! Our Togetherness Box encourages girls to reflect on the importance of friendship and welcome them to the great world of Older Girl Scouting. Here, girls will have the opportunity to earn their first Cadette Journey, aMAZE!, focused on navigating different kinds of relationships. This box also features friendship bracelet materials to be made as girls swap stories and share insights over Zoom.

Cost: $120 (GSNorCal Product Program reward cards are applicable)
What's included**: GGB Fun Patch (x5), Pin (x5), Lanyard (x5), Girl Shirt (x4), Women's Fit Shirt (x1), aMAZE! Leader and Girl Booklet (1 of each), aMAZE! Badges (4 sets of 3), Friendship Bracelet Kit

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Bay Explorer Program Box

Bay Explorer Box

Itching to visit Fisherman's Wharf? Have your eyes set on Bothin? Planning the day you visit Alcatraz Island? Then look no further! This box is for those that are travelers at heart and for those patiently waiting to visit the Bay Area safely in their pods. Switch up your GGB shirts for sweaters and you're ready to face the ever-changing weather of the Bay. This box comes with a Guide to the Bay, custom stickers and postcards to send to your friends back home (or a few streets away!), and more.

Cost: $180 (GSNorCal Product Program reward cards are applicable)
What's included**: GGB Fun Patch (x5), Pin (x5), Lanyard (x5), Girl GGB Sweatshirts (x4), Adult Zip-Up Sweatshirt (x1), Bay Area Activity Book (x1), Sticker Sheet (x4), Postcard (x4), Additional Travel Fun Patch (x5)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will GGB 2021 be in-person?

With the health and safety of our Girl Scouts in mind, GSNorCal will not be hosting an in-person GGB 2021 event. But we're very excited to share with you 3 GGB Program Boxes that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home! GSNorCal will also be hosting April–May programs with a touch of GGB Magic and to support Girl Scouts prepare for May Bridging Month.

Visit GSNorCal's COVID-19 Updates webpage for the latest information. 

What Program Levels are the Boxes for?

Program Boxes were made intentionally for both Bridging Juniors (5th Graders) and recent Cadettes (6th Graders). You'll find materials for all-ages and those encouraging Older Girl Scouting activities like completing a full Journey together.

Boxes also include activities that can be done over the course of a meeting such as sending postcards or making friendship bracelets, and across multiple meetings like planning a trip to the Bay Area for the future!

Are Program Boxes for troops or individual Girl Scouts?

Each Program Box base contains materials for 1 Adult and 4 Girl Scouts. Our shop also provides Girl Scout add-on's up to 17 Girl Scouts!

For troops over 17 Girl Scouts, please visit and fill out this form.

Will you offer Individual Kits?

We heard you loud and clear! Now, for troops under 4 Girl Scouts and individually-registered Girl Scouts, when you order any GGB apparel, you'll also receive an individual GGB kit including the patch, pin, and lanyard.

Our GGB 2020 patches will also be up as individual listings in our retail shop.

To stay updated, please check back here or the GGB FB group!

You mentioned April–May virtual programs?

Though we can't be together on Crissy Field, we'd like to bring Crissy Field (and bridging) to you!

Starting in April, we're hosting virtual, Zoom programs combining our love for GGB and preparing for our May Bridging month! Together, we'll explore the different parts of the Bay Area, hear stories from past GGB volunteers and bridging Girl Scouts, and learn how to use our resources wisely to make our own bridges in prep for Bridging Ceremonies! 

When you order any of our GGB products, including the Program Boxes, you receive these 3 programs for free! To ensure you can participate in each program, we recommend ordering your Box by 4/1/21. 

Learn more about each of these programs here:

Zoom links will be sent out the week of program.

Interested in the programs but not the Boxes?

No problem! These programs are open for K-12, Daisies to Ambassadors, and adults for $5/participant.

Register for any or all of the programs here:

Zoom links will be sent out the week of program.

What's May Bridging Month?

Our April and Early May programming was made to prepare Girl Scouts for Bridging Season! In May, GSNorCal will host virtual Bridging Ceremonies and Introduction to Older Girl Scouting webinars.

For more information, please continue to check our Events Calendar or follow our GSNorCal Facebook Groups: GSNorCal Parents and Volunteers or GSNorCal Live!

Where can I order the Program Boxes?

You can find them here in our retail shop: 

We have items from past GGB events as well, so make sure to search "Golden Gate Bridging" for limited edition collectibles! 

Can we order the Boxes and attend Program even if we're outside of GSNorCal?

Yes! GGB has welcomed all Girl Scouts from across states and countries! Even if you're in a Girl Scout council outside of GSNorCal, you are welcome to order Program Boxes and attend our April–May virtual programming.

Can we use GSNorCal Product Program Rewards Cards towards the Program Boxes?

Yes, of course! There are two options:

Please Note: If you are ordering outside of GSNorCal, please check in with your Product Program folks at your home council to ensure Cookie Rewards are accepted towards your purchase.

How do we get correct sizes for the shirts and hoodies?

After purchasing your Program Box, please fill out this form. While packaging your orders we will be checking the responses to this form regularly.

When will Boxes ship?

Program Boxes will ship within 2 weeks of your order.

Haven't received your order yet? Contact for an update!

Is Curbside Pickup available?

We will also be offering curbside pickup at our Alameda Shop location. Visit our Shop page for more information on how to place and pickup a curbside order.

Do the patches and pins say "2020"?

Eagle eyes! As a way to honor and commemorate our members that would've bridged in 2020, we've included our iconic GGB 2020 Patches and Pins to the Program Boxes. 

Looking for more ways to commemorate your 2021 bridging journey? Make your own custom patch or SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere) to share with your troop and fellow Girl Scouts.

For SWAPS inspiration:

And a quick heads up! GSNorCal is moving away from dating Patches and in the future may have an undated GGB Patch! Our 2020 Patches will become Limited Edition. 

Are there plans for GGB 2022?

Great thinking ahead! At this time, we are monitoring the state of COVID-19 in California closely but cannot say for certain if we will have a large, in-person event during 2022. When the time comes, we'll update this webpage and our GGB FB group.

Where can I go to learn more about GGB?

Read through the FAQs on this webpage or join our GGB FB Group to stay connected to fellow Girl Scouts!

Who can I contact with further questions?

Please feel free to contact Olivia Ortiz by email at for more information.


No matter what, GSNorCal is here for you. To help you take advantage of all that Girl Scouts has to offer, we have some new and exciting incentives! Maximize your rewards and renew today