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Girl Scout Heritage

Girl Scout Heritage

In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low brought Girl Scouting to the United States. The first Girl Scout troop in California was established in 1917 in Palo Alto. The Girl Scouts of Northern California was incorporated in 2007, comprising five former councils, and is the home of the Heritage Committee of the Girl Scouts of Northern California.

The Heritage Committee is responsible for creating wonderful exhibits at museums and also maintains a collection of uniforms and equipment that is available for public displays and fashion shows. The committee is always looking for donations of clothing and Girl Scout memorabilia, particularly from the years 1912 to 1940.

Uniforms are available for a nominal rental fee and a refundable loss/damage deposit is required. Call or email for further information at least 2-3 weeks before you will need the uniforms.

Historical Girl Scout Uniform Lending Collections
Karen Johnson or
Margaret Wilson or  
Ann Watrous
Lynne Armstrong
Redwood City
Debbie Brusco or
(650) 364-5491 
San Francisco
(US Camp Uniforms)  
Carol Horaitis
San Jose
Theresa Cearley
San Rafael
Cheryl Brown or
(415) 479-2390

Camp Bothin Heritage Museum

An excellent collection of Girl Scout memorabilia, photographs, historic uniforms, and artifacts is housed in this museum.

Tours/visits to the Camp Bothin Heritage Museum must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the visit. If you are reserving Camp Bothin for an event, please feel free to schedule a museum visit while your group is on site. For more information about the Camp Bothin Heritage Museum or to schedule a visit, please email Dorothy Brown at or call (415) 479-2390.

Heritage Museum at the Alameda office

The museum houses uniforms, pins, badges, and memorabilia documenting local and national Girl Scout history. It also houses a scale replica of the home of founder Juliette Gordon Low. The 24-square-foot, nine-bedroom dollhouse features working electric lights, parlors, trunk rooms, and working doors and windows. It replicates the English Regency style of architecture that was fashionable at the time of its construction (1818-1821). The interior reflects a renovation that occurred in 1886 when Juliette Low was growing up.

The museum is located adjacent to the retail store and may be visited during store hours.


Please email Ann Watrous at or Nancy Corbin at for more information about the Heritage Committee.