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Ready to Discover Girl Scouts? While we can't meet in-person right now, Girl Scouts is here to stay. Try out our at-home activities!

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Discover Girl Scouts

These are unprecedented times, and we know families like yours are looking for ways to bring optimism, joy, and purpose to each day during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Whether or not you’re familiar with us at Girl Scouts, we want to be there for you.  Girl Scouts is all about helping your girl be her best, bravest, boldest self each and every day. We help her meet new challenges with creative solutions and find hope even in difficult times. 

We hope that you will consider joining Girl Scouts, either now or once the current COVID situation settles down. We are currently starting new troops and welcoming girls to existing troops, many of which are doing virtual activities. We encourage you learn more about all Girl Scouts offers by going to Girl Scouts at Home, where girls and families can embrace the fun activities, learning, and joy of Girl Scouts wherever they may be. Your girl can even start earning badges right from home! We are excited to connect with you about joining whenever you are ready, and we are holding virtual information sessions regularly.   

Ready to join? 

Discounted Extended 17-month Membership Cost
(valid 5/1/2020-9/30/2021)
Girl Membership: $50
Adult Membership: $35

How to Join Girl Scouts

To find a troop with openings in your area, follow the 3 easy steps below to register as a girl or adult member.

Our troops are volunteer-led by caring parents and mentors, like you! Want to start a troop of your own and spend more quality time with your girl? Learn more about how to start a troop!

Steps to Register a Girl
  1. Use our online join form for girls to get started! You’ll be asked for some basic contact information and then taken to our Opportunity Catalog, to choose how she would like to participate in Girl Scouts. 
  2. Search our Opportunity Catalog to find a local Girl Scouting option that works for your girl's schedule, location, and interests! As you search, click on a troop number to learn more about specific activities or requirements for that troop. To find the best option for you, we recommend searching for troops near your home zip code or your girl's school.

    • If you’ve been given a troop number but can’t find it in the catalog, don’t worry! You can select “Unsure” which will allow you to type the troop number or other identifying information into a text box. 

    • Select Welcome Troop if you would like to join a group of interested families in your area to learn about Girl Scouts. Your girl will participate in Girl Scout activities while you and other adults learn from long-time volunteers about how to form a troop in your area.

    • Select Interest Group to join together with other families in your area or at your school to start a new Girl Scout troop.

    • If you aren’t sure what troop to pick, you can always select “Unsure.” Our staff will contact you directly and work with you to help find a troop. In order to begin this process, we do ask that girls are registered members, which involves paying the $40 membership fee.

    • Interested in starting a new troop and being your girl’s troop leader? Select "Unsure" and complete your girl's registration. Then, check out our How to Start a Troop guide to begin the process of getting your troop number and adding your girl to your troop!

    • Note: For safety purposes, troop leaders do not give exact addresses in the troop catalog. They will, however, include a key landmark in their meeting description (e.g. “Near Washington Elementary School”) to help you know the general meeting location and if it is near you. Troops listed as "serving" may only be open to girls who attend the school listed.
  3. Complete the joining process by purchasing a Girl Scouts of the USA membership for your girl. Annual membership is $40 and financial assistance is available. And don't forget to register yourself as a Troop Helper!

After you finish the Girl Scout registration, an email will be sent to the volunteer troop leader, notifying her of her new member and to reach out to you. If you don’t hear back from the volunteer troop leader after a week, please contact us at 800-447-4475 or email our Member Services at

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with additional information and walk you through the joining process.

Steps to Register as an Adult or Volunteer

All adults who join Girl Scouts will have the option to volunteer with us—before you begin, check out all the volunteer roles we have available to see what sparks your interest. Your gift of time—as a core volunteer or an occasional helper—helps girls grow into leaders!

  1. Use our online join form for adults and volunteers to get started! You’ll be asked for some basic contact information. Please provide your full name as it appears on your social security card, as this information will be used to run volunteer background checks. 
  2. You’ll be taken to our Volunteer Opportunity Catalog, where you choose how you’d like to participate in Girl Scouts. Volunteer roles in your immediate zip code will be displayed. To find the best option for you and your family, you may need to expand the zip code radius, or enter your girl’s school zip code instead.

    • If you’ve been given a troop number or a volunteer role but can’t find it in the catalog (or you aren’t sure what to pick), don’t worry! You can select “Unsure” which will allow you to type the troop number and the role you wish to occupy into a text box.

    • Interested in starting a new troop and being your girl’s troop leader? Register as a troop leader! You can learn more about starting your own troop in our How to Start a Troop guide.

    • Not ready to volunteer? Just continue registering without selecting a volunteer role. You can contact us anytime after you join to add volunteerism to your Girl Scout experience.

    • Note: For safety purposes, troop leaders do not give exact addresses in the troop catalog. They will, however, include a key landmark in their meeting description (e.g. “Near Washington Elementary School”) to help you know the general meeting location and if it is near you. 
  3. Whether you join as an adult or as a volunteer, you will be required to purchase a Girl Scouts of the USA membership. Annual membership is $25.
  4. If you selected a volunteer role, follow-up emails will guide you through completing your required background check. Look for an invitation from our background check vendor “The Advocates at Verified Volunteers.”
  5. After your volunteer background check has been processed you will be officially on-boarded (with training) as a new Girl Scout volunteer. If you selected “I want to lead her troop,” a staff member will be in touch to provide you with a new troop number and information about adding girls to the troop.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with additional information and walk you through the joining process.

For a paper version of the join forms, contact us.

Familias hispanohablantes: Pueden descargar nuestro Formulario de Inscripción para Niñas/Muchachas (PDF). Más información acerca de Girl Scouts en nuestra página

Why Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is the place for every girl. And it always will be.

Girl Scouts of Northern California is committed to creating an environment where all girls have the opportunity to participate in a movement that encourages them to overcome barriers and become leaders in their community and world. We’re working hard to give all girls the opportunity to practice a lifetime of leadership by becoming Girl Scouts. With us, you’ll unleash your inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™!

Research shows that girls want, and thrive in an all-girl, and girl-friendly, environment where their specific needs are addressed. Girl Scouts are leaders in their communities when they create sustainable projects like building bat houses, increasing traffic safety near schools, and providing comfort to pediatric patients during recovery.

Regardless of her race, class, or religion, every girl has a home at Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

Girl Scouts is the best girl leadership program in the world. Our program centers on what we call the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, or GSLE—a collection of engaging, challenging, and fun activities like earning badges, going on awesome trips, selling cookies, exploring science, getting outdoors, and doing community service projects.

At Girl Scouts, she’ll get to lead her own adventure and team up with other girls in an all-girl environment to choose the exciting, hands-on activities that interest her most. Along the way, she’ll gain important skills in four areas that form the foundation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience:

  • Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
  • Outdoors
  • Life Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 52%

    of female business leaders in the United States are Girl Scout alums.

  • 72%

    of current female U.S. senators are Girl Scout alums.

  • 100%

    of women who have served as U.S. secretary of state are Girl Scout alums.


With Girl Scouts, she’ll do more than she ever thought she could, dream bigger dreams than she ever imagined, and—oh, yeah—change the world. Bet you didn’t think rock climbing or selling cookies would help her do all that, did you?

Want to know more before joining?

Learn about Financial Aid, read our Frequently Asked Questions, or find in-person information events, which are a great way for future Girl Scouts to learn more, meet staff and volunteers, and even sign up for a local troop!

Need to know more to help you decide what's right for you? See all the exciting possibilities Girl Scouts offers for girls of all ages and choose your adventure.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Be the role model she'll remember forever and check out all the ways you can volunteer!