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Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors

Exploring the great outdoors is a classic part of the Girl Scout experience. Girls find their strengths and challenge themselves as they navigate activities on the water, at the campsite, and along the trail.

Whether your girl is horseback riding or geocaching with her troop, she’s building her G.I.R.L. skills as she tackles obstacles head on in a supportive, all-girl environment. Every girl deserves an adventure, and GSNorCal is ready to help her find hers.

There are lots of ways to get outdoors! learn more about everything camp on GSNorCal's CampRocks! Website:

Summer Camp  »

GSNorCal's summer camp sessions allow girls to develop a strong sense of self and positive values, build healthy relationships, seek challenges, and have fun while making memories of a lifetime! Whether you love horses, forest trails, beautiful lakes, or pretty much any other outdoor amenity, our summer camps have you covered. 

Our council-operated summer camps are all accredited by the American Camp Association, which signifies safe, high-quality programs that meet industry and government standards.


Did you know? Many girls consider Girl Scout Camp one of their favorite places on earth. We'll let the girls speak for themselves

  • Outdoor Programs  »

    There are so many ways to experience the great outdoors! Our council offers year-round outdoor activities, from virtual exploration to camp leadership training, for your adventurer to choose from.

  • Troop Camping &Camporees  »

    Come together with your Girl Scout friends when you get outdoors together! Plan your own camping trip and go on an adventure as a group. 

  • Adult Trainings  »

    Want to get outdoors with your troop, or join your service unit for a Camporee? Learn about how to qualify to lead outdoor adventures for your group. 

  • Rental Properties  »

    GSNorCal residential camps and program centers are a great choice for your next event or outdoor retreat, whether you're a troop, school, family, or nonprofit.


Planning your own outdoor adventure? GSNorCal’s Safety Activity Checkpoints are here to help you have a fun, safe experience with your Girl Scouts. 

Phone & Email Support

For questions about GSNorCal outdoor programs, send an email to or call us at 800-447-4475. Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM.

If you're interested in a Volunteer-Run Camp, please email for more information.