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We know you want to make a difference in the world—and have fun doing it. You’ll be able to do just that when you go on a Girl Scout Journey.

You’ll pick the Journey topic that interests you most, whether it’s caring for animals, helping others get healthy and fit, spreading kindness, saving the planet, taking a stand for girls, creating community—or any other issue that’s really important to you.

As you go on your Journey, you’ll earn awards to put on your uniform. They’ll let others know about the awesome things you’ve done—and remind you of what you accomplished and the fun you had along the way.

To earn your Journey, you’ll team up with friends to:


Identify a problem you want to do something about


Come up with a creative solution


Create a team plan to make that solution a reality


Put your plan into action


Talk about what you learned—and what you can’t wait to do next!

It’s Your World—Change It!

The It’s Your World—Change It! Leadership Journey encourages girls at every age to make the world a better place, have fun, learn more—and find new friends along the way!

Whether it’s planting a garden, painting a mural, or launching a letter-writing campaign, Girl Scouts at every level experience unique leadership and advocacy challenges and discover what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world.

Click here to learn more about what each age level does to complete this Journey!

It’s Your Planet—Love It!

Girls are exposed to information about the environment every day. And every day Girl Scouts ask how they can take action to respect and protect the planet we all call home.

In the It’s Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journey, girls get the opportunity to learn about environmental issues such as clean water and air, noise pollution, global warming, soil contamination, and agricultural processes. Each Journey is packed with current environmental information and offers ways to interact on topics that affect everyone on the planet.

Click here to learn more about what each age level does to complete this Journey!

It’s Your Story—Tell It!

Stories say so much about us—they’re a way to express our interests, hopes, and dreams. So it’s important that girls get the opportunity to tell their stories through the range of creative approaches highlighted in the It's Your Story–Tell It! Leadership Journey, made possible by a grant from the Dove Self-Esteem Fund.

This Journey explores important themes such as developing a strong sense of self, discovering the benefits of a balanced diet and physical activity, navigating healthy relationships, identifying ways to enhance self-expression, and promoting well-being and confidence in others.

Activities and discussions woven into each level get girls thinking critically about the media, including its portrayal of girls and women. The activities are designed to promote age-appropriate discussion on topics including marketing tactics aimed at young consumers, the media’s narrow definition of beauty, and the portrayal of relationships between girls and women.

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