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This is a full listing of the resources (forms and documents) available from GSNorCal. Select one of the content groupings below to view all of the available resources for that topic!


Adult Recognition

National & Council Awards Criteria | PDF
National & Council Award Nomination Form | Online
National & Council Awards Packet | PDF
National & Council Letter of Endorsement Form | Online
Service Unit Award Nomination Form | PDF
Service Unit Awards Packet | PDF
Service Unit Shop Order Form | PDF


Event Manager Resources

Event Committee Best Practices | PDF
Event Committee Recognition | PDF
Event Confirmation Checklist | PDF
Event Emergency Plan | PDF
Event Evaluation Questions | PDF
Event Final Report | Online
Event Flyer Checklist | PDF
Event/Camp Notification & Approval Form | Online
Event Manager Position Description | PDF
Event Registration Checklist | PDF
Event Roles to Delegate | PDF
Event Timeline and Checklist | PDF
How to Partner with Girls for Events | PDF

See also Safety (General)


Financial Forms and Resources

Donation Form for Troops and Service Units | Online | PDF
Finance Report Form–Troop | PDF
Finance Report Form–Service Unit | PDF
Financial Aid for Fire Victims | Online
General Financial Aid Form | PDF
Money Earning Application | Online
PCI Compliance–Info packet and Acknowledgement Form | Online
Troop Bank Account Creation Packet | PDF
Troop Bank Change of Signers Request | PDF


Girl Awards

Bronze Award Packet | PDF
Community Service Bar Application | PDF
Product Program Reward Card Conversion Form | Online
Gold Award Packet | PDF
Gold Award Signature Form | PDF
Lifesaving Awards Packet Application | PDF
My Promise, My Faith Award FAQs | PDF
Program Aid Evaluation | PDF
Program Aid Facilitator's Guide | PDF
Program Aid Girl Workbook | PDF
Service to Girl Scouting Bar | PDF
Silver Award Packet | PDF
Silver Award Signature Form | PDF
Silver Award Team Report | Online
Torch Award | PDF
To Serve God Religious Awards | PDF


Council Governance

2019 Blue Book of Basic Documents | PDF
Girl Board Member Application | PDF
GSNorCal By-Laws | PDF
GSNorCal Strategic Priorities 2018–2020 | PDF
National Delegate Nomination Form | Online
Service Unit Delegate Nomination Form | Online
Service Unit Delegate Position Description | PDF
Delegates-at-Large Nomination Information | PDF
Delegate at Large Position Description | PDF
National Council Delegate Position Description | PDF

2019 Annual Meeting

2019 Registration Form | Online | PDF


Logo Guidelines for Troops and Service Units | PDF
Download GSNorCal Logos | Online
Please email for help with logos!



Certificate of Insurance Request | Online
Plan 2 and Plan 3P Insurance Request | Online | Plan 2 PDF | Plan 3P PDF
Plan 3E Accident & Sickness Insurance | PDF
Plan 3PI Accident & Sickness Insurance for International Trips | PDF
Insurance Claim Form | English PDF | Español PDF


Learning Facilitator Resources

Course Wrap-up Report | Online
First Aid Course Wrap-up Report | Online


Product Program

General Product Program Forms/Resources

ACH Credit Form | Online
ACH Debit Form | Online
Entrepreneurship Progression Chart | PDF
Product Program Reward Card Conversion Form | Online
Rally Event Notification & Approval, Request Product Samples | Online
Safety Activity Checkpoints–Product Program | PDF 
Safety Activity Checkpoints–Online Sales | PDF 
Service Unit Booth Coordinator Position Description | PDF
Service Unit Cupboard Manager Position Description | PDF
Service Unit Product Manager Position Description | PDF
Troop Product Manager Position Description | PDF

Fall Product Program Resources

Fall Digital Day Flyer | PDF
Fall Take Action Flyer | PDF
Parent Responsibility Agreement | PDF | Español PDF
Service Unit Fall Kickoff Presentation | PDF
Service Unit Fall Manager Guide | PDF
Troop Manager Guide | PDF
Troop Fall Kickoff Presentation | PDF

Cookie Program Resources

Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Opt Out Form | PDF
Cookie Boss - Branding You at a Glance | PDF
Cookie Boss - Branding You Booths | PDF
Cookie Boss - Branding You Digital Spaces | PDF
Cookie Boss - Branding You Images | PDF
Cookie Boss - Branding You Words | PDF
Cookie Boss - Cookie Logistics at a Glance | PDF
Cookie Boss - Cookie Logistics Quiz | PDF
Cookie Boss - Cookieology at a Glance | PDF
Cookie Boss - Cookieology Career Finder | PDF
Cookie Boss - Cookieology Presentation | PDF
Cookie Boss - Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur at a Glance | PDF
Cookie Boss - Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur Business Plan | PDF
Cookie Calculator | Excel
Cookie Challenges Official Rules | PDF
Cookie Family Guide | PDF
Cookie Parent Responsibility Agreement | English PDF | Español PDF 
Digital Cookie - 4 Easy Steps for Digital Cookie | PDF
Digital Cookie - Completing Badges | PDF
Digital Cookie - Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families | PDF
Digital Cookie - Marketing to Customers | PDF
Digital Cookie - Setup for Girls Under 13 | PDF
Digital Cookie - Setup for Girls Over 13 | PDF
Digital Cookie - Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing | PDF
Digital Cookie - Digital Cookie Girl Delivery Opt Out | Online
Digital Cookie Day Flyer | PDF
New Troops and the Cookie Program | PDF
Parent Cookie Kickoff Presentation | PDF
Rally Guide | PDF
Reward Details | PDF
Service Unit Cookie Kickoff Presentation | PDF
Service Unit Cookie Manager Guide | PDF
Troop Cookie Kickoff Presentation | PDF
Troop Cookie Manager Guide | PDF

Care to Share

Care to Share Box Wrap | PDF
Care to Share Flyer | PDF
Care to Share Receipts | PDF
Care to Share Table Tent | PDF

Mobile Apps

eBudde Troop App | Android | iOS
Digital Cookie App | Android | iOS
Little Brownie Booth Sales Recorder App | Android | iOS
Little Brownie Cupboard Keeper App | Android | iOS



Girl Scouts of Northern California Program Partners | Online 
The Guide for Programs and Events | Activity Finder OnlinePDF
Early Fall Preview to The Guide | Online



Rental Property Directory | Online
Service Unit Property Reservation | Online


Retail Store

Retail Store Order Form | Online


Registration & Renewal

2019–20 Girl Registration Form | Online | English PDF | Español PDF 
2019–20 Adult Registration Form | Online | English PDF | Español PDF
Alum Registration | Online
Membership Background Check Authorization Form | PDF
Product Program Reward Card Conversion Form | Online
Program event online activity finder and registration | Online
Registration Help Form | Online
Service Unit Renewal Event Request Form | Online | PDF
Summer Camp Registration | Online
Troop Catalog Opt In Form | Online
Troop/Member Change | Online

See also Financial Forms & Resources

Renewal Resources

Renewal online at
Renewal 2020 | Troop Leader Tips & Incentives | PDF
Renewal 2020 | Service Unit Tips & Incentives | PDF
Renewal 2020 | Family Tips & Incentives | PDF
Renewal 2020 | Troop Renewal Instructions | PDF
Renewal 2020 | Family Renewal Instructions | PDF
Renewal 2020 | Troop Mentor Rocker Request Form | Online

Troop Recruitment Resources

Instructions: Girl and Adult Registration Steps | PDF
Join My Troop Girl Invite Slip | PDF
Join My Troop Facebook Cover Image | PDF 
Join My Troop Facebook Post Image | PDF
Join My Troop Fillable Flyer | PDF


Safety (General)

Accident-Injury Report Form | Online | PDF
Adult Health History Form | English PDFEspañol PDF
Adult Health History with Physical Form | PDF
Approved Vendors List | PDF
Communicable Disease Protocols | PDF
Council Emergency Cards | PDF
Girl Health History Form | English PDFEspañol PDF | CAMP ONLY
Girl Health History with Physical | PDF
GSNorCal Health & Safety Plan-for Troop and Event First Aiders | PDF
Incident Report Form | Online | PDF
Annual Permission Form | English PDFEspañol PDF
Activity and Event Permission Form | English PDF | Español PDF
Permission Form–Sensitive Issues | PDF
Permission to Travel With Minors | PDF
Troop Driver Form | PDF

See also Insurance

Media Safety

Internet Safety Pledge | Online | PDF
Media Information Sheet | PDF
Adult and Minor Photo Release Form | PDF
Appearance Release Form | PDF


Safety Activity Checkpoints

Activities at a Glance | PDF
Introduction to Safety Activity Checkpoints | PDF
Amusement Parks | PDF
Animal Interactions | PDF
Archery | PDF
Arts, Crafts, and STEM | PDF
Backpacking | PDF
Bicycling | PDF
Camping | PDF
Canoeing | PDF
Challenge Courses | PDF
Climbing & Rappelling | PDF
Climbing & Adventure Sports Progression Chart | PDF
Computer / Internet Use | PDF
Cookies / Council Product Programs | PDF
Corcl Boating | PDF
Cross Country Skiing | PDF
Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding | PDF
Fencing | PDF
Fishing & Ice Fishing | PDF
Geocaching | PDF
Go-Karting | PDF
Hayrides | PDF
Hiking | PDF
Horseback Riding | PDF
Ice-skating and Roller Skating | PDF 
Indoor Skydiving | PDF
Indoor Trampoline Parks | PDF
Inflatables | PDF
Kayaking | PDF
Land Sports | PDF
Laser Tag | PDF
Offshore Water Vessels | PDF
Orienteering | PDF
Outdoor Cooking | PDF
Paddling & Rowing Sports Progression Chart | PDF
Parades and Large Group Gatherings | PDF
Pocket Knife and Jackknife | PDF
Recreational Tree Climbing | PDF
Rowboating | PDF
Sailing | PDF
Scuba | PDF
Segway | PDF
Shooting Sports | PDF
Shooting Sports Progression Chart | PDF
Skateboarding | PDF
Sledding & Tobogganing | PDF
Slingshot | PDF
Snorkeling | PDF
Snowshoeing | PDF
Spelunking/Caving | PDF
Standup Paddleboarding | PDF
Surfing | PDF
Swimming | PDF
Tomahawk, Knife, and Hatchet Throwing | PDF
Tomahawk, Knife, and Hatchet Throwing Progression Chart | PDF
Trip / Travel | PDF
Tubing | PDF
Waterskiing & Wakeboarding | PDF
White Water Rafting | PDF 
Windsurfing | PDF
Ziplining | PDF



Summer Camp

Camp & Outdoor Experience Website:

Advanced Equestrian Program (Tally Ho) Application | Online
Camper Health Form | PDF
CIT I Application | Online
CIT/WIT II (Advanced) Application | Online
CIT/WIT III (Apprentice) Application | Online
Communicable Disease Protocols | PDF
Preparing for Camp Guide | Bothin
Preparing for Camp Guide | Hidden Falls
Preparing for Camp Guide | Skylark Ranch
Preparing for Camp Guide | Sugar Pine
Summer Camp Brochure | PDF
Summer Camp Financial Assistance Form | PDF
Summer Camp Registration | Online | PDF
Summer Camp Packing List | PDF


Service Unit Resources

Adult Investiture Ceremonies | PDF
Cheddar Up FAQs | PDF
Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement Form | Online
Effective Service Unit Meetings | PDF
2017 New GSUSA Program Content FAQ | PDF
Product Program Reward Card Conversion Form | Online
Service Unit Event Budget Worksheet | PDF
Service Unit Event Financial Report | PDF
Service Unit Finance Report | PDF
Service Unit Meeting Plan | PDF
Service Unit Property Reservation Request Form | PDF
Service Unit Renewal Event Request Form | Online | PDF



Ambassador Plan Delay Notification Form | Online
Girl Scout Guide to U.S. Travel | PDF
Permission for Minors to Travel | PDF
Product Program Reward Card Conversion Form | Online
Travel Progression Chart | PDF
Travel Stories & Tips | Online
Trip Insurance Enrollment Plans Form | PDF
Trip & Outdoor Budget Planning Tool | PDF
Trip & Outdoor Planning Checklist | PDF
Trip & Outdoor Advisor Learning Matrix | PDF
Trip or High Adventure Approval Form | Online
Troop Driver | PDF
Trip Roster | PDF | Excel
Trip and Outdoor Advisor | Training


Troop Resources

Adult Interest Survey | PDF
Cheddar Up FAQs | PDF
Disbanded Troop Form and Information | PDF
Leader's Guide to Success | PDF 
Meet My Girl Scout | PDF
Outdoor Progression Chart | PDF
Outdoor Resource Booklet | PDF
Troop Camping Gear Checklist | PDF
Troop Camping Personal Equipment Checklist | PDF
Troop Government | PDF
Uniform Insignia Booklet | PDF
Updated Badge Chart–All levels | PDF

New Troop Resources

New Troop Leader Training Path | PDF
Girl and Adult Registration Steps | PDF
How to Start a Troop in 5 Easy Steps | PDF
Join My Troop Girl Invite Slip | PDF
Join My Troop Facebook Cover Image | PDF 
Join My Troop Facebook Post Image | PDF
Join My Troop Fillable Flyer | PDF
Leader's Guide to Success | PDF
New Troop Decisions | PDF
Parent/Caregiver Meeting Agenda | PDF
Troop Catalog Opt In Form | Online
Troop Leader Position Description | PDF
Troop Number Request Form | Online

See Registration for background check authorization and Safety for registration forms.

Daisy Resources

Awards Chart–Daisy | PDF
What Daisies Do | PDF

Brownie Resources

Awards Chart–Brownie | PDF
What Brownies Do | PDF

Junior Resources

Awards Chart–Junior | PDF
What Juniors Do | PDF

Cadette Resources

Awards Chart–Cadette | PDF
What Cadettes Do | PDF

Senior Resources

Awards Chart–Senior | PDF
What Seniors Do | PDF

Ambassador Resources

Awards Chart–Ambassador | PDF
What Ambassadors Do | PDF 


Volunteer Resources

Social Networking Guidelines | PDF
Volunteer Information Securtiy and Data Protection Policy | PDF
Volunteer Management Policies | PDF
Volunteer Position Descriptions | PDF
Website Guidelines | PDF


Volunteer-Run Camp Directors

Event/Camp Notification & Approval Form | Online
Out-of-Council Camp Volunteer Form | Online


Volunteer Toolkit

VTK Tips: Choosing and Customizing Your Year Plan | PDF
VTK Tips: New Journeys and Badges | PDF
VTK User Manual | PDF