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Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to everyone who made an investment in girls in 2020 by supporting Girl Scouts of Northern California! We are grateful for each and every donor and are honored by your dedication and generosity.

With appreciation, Girl Scouts of Northern California recognizes the financial contributions and donated goods and services given by individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations. The following lists acknowledge donors who made a cumulative contribution of $100 or more between October 1, 2019 and September 20, 2020.

* Denotes Board Member during that fiscal year

$25,000 and above
  • Anonymous (1)

    Apple, Inc. and Apple - Matching Gifts Program

    Applied Materials, Inc. and Applied Materials - Matching Gifts Program

    Ellen Bermingham* and Tim Culler

    City of San Jose

    Mary B. Cranston*

    The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

    Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation


    Girl Scouts of the USA

    Teresa E. Gisske

  • Google, LLC and Google - Matching Gifts Program

    Handel Sunrise Foundation

    The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation

    Sally R. Kadifa

    Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation

    Palo Alto Networks

    Marina H. Park and Robert I. Sutton, Inc.

    San Mateo Resource Conservation District

    SETI Insitute/NASA NNX16AB90A

    Visa USA, Inc.  And Visa - Matching Gifts Program

$5,000 to $24,999
  • Anonymous (2)

    Jana L. Barsten*

    Diana L. Bell*

    Kathy* and Dennis B. Bloch

    Ginger Bryant*

    Chevron - Matching Employee Funds

    Linda Chong*

    Sarah E. Clatterbuck and Rick Warner

    Community Foundation Sonoma County

    County of San Mateo - Human Services Agency

    County of Sonoma - Probation Department

    Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation


    Deloitte LLP

    Maria C. Donat

    First Dollar Foundation

    Marjorie O. Follette

    Caroline B. Gaffney*

    The Guardsmen

    Karen Derr Gilbert *

    Intel - Volunteer Grant Program

    The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation

    Lockheed Martin

    Linda and James F. Loomis

    Dennis F. Marvin

    Peg* and Tom McAllister

    Microsoft - Matching Gifts Program

    Mirnahill Foundation

  • Ann and Mark Monroe

    Jennifer A. Moyen-Logan and Luc Moyen

    Oracle Giving

    Helen Hilton Raiser

    Rite Aid Foundation

    The Robert and Rachel Kwong Fund

    The Rock Foundation

    Debra B. Rossi*

    Santa Clara Valley Water District

    Sares Regis Education and Community Foundation

    Beth Schwartz and Owen O'Malley

    The Shackleton Family

    Sandra Takahashi Shirai*

    Speedway Children's Charities / Sonoma Raceway

    Spokes 7 Foundation

    Synopsys Silicon Valley Science & Technology Outreach Foundation

    Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh*

    Thelma Doelger Charitable Trust

    Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation

    Marcie Vu* and Michael J. Thiel

    Warren L. Thompson & Cecile M. ThompsonCharitable Foundation

    Anne and Nicholas A. Whyte

    Sherri Lewis Wood

    Mr. Kevin Young

    YWCA of the Mid-Peninsula Donor Advised Fund

$1,000 to $4,999
  • Anonymous (1)

    Anne Allen and Mike Manolas

    Pamela G. Allison

    Tracy Amaro

    Christina Marie Amber* and Robert C. Stephany

    Ms. Earlene Anderson

    Elizabeth and Paul E. Archambeault

    Valerie J. Armento

    Lynne Armstrong

    Automation Services Group, Inc.

    Carol and Sergio Avina

    Sophia Balaji

    Marilyn Basham

    Suzanne* and Robert F. Bell

    Marika Bergsund

    Sarah and Michael T. Bolin

    Bonnie J. Bosch

    Luanne Bright

    Kim Broadbeck

    Barbara and Miya Burbach

    Carol L. Campbell

    Leslie Carmichael and Bob Lee

    Craig Chasseur

    Chirag Hope

    Cisco Systems Foundation and Cisco Systems - Matching Gifts Program

    Charmaine Clay*

    Alexandra Cock

    Mary Frances Allen and George W. Cogan

    Deirdre P. Cohen

    Karen L. Conway and Jeff Elder

    Andrea G. Cope

    Renee Courington and C. David Beaver

    Mr. Dennis Cox

    Jessica Cox

    Edward J. Cripps

    Barbara and Jim Curry

    The Darrow Foundation

    Edna DeVore

    Rajiv Dholakia* and Smita Joshi

    Diablo Day Camp

    The Doering Family Foundation, Ltd.

    Debra L. Doucette

    Barbara K. Eggleston and Richard A. Rawson

    Anne M. Ehresman

    Nanci Eksterowicz

    Bobbie and Craig Erb

    Melissa M. Estrade

    Fairfield United Methodist Women

    Bob Felter

    Kenna and James L. Fenton

    Laurie J. Flesher and Prakash Kasiraj

    Ernestine C. Foster

    Karen and Bill Frederick

    Kimberly Ann Freitas and Michael D. Topper

    G.W. Williams Foundation

    Katherine D. Gallagher

    Nancy Beth and Daniel Garrett

    Brenda D. Given

    Raymond Graf

    Dr. Trudy Gross and Mrs. Stacey Martinsky

    Julia P. Guggenheim

    Deborah and Russell B. Hall

    Mr. Scott Hanan

    Harold Smith & Son, Inc.

    Esther A. Heller and Nicholas A. Corsano

    Carolyn R. Herman

    Hot Air Systems

    Humboldt Area Foundation

    IBM Corporation

    Stephanie Jensen

    Maria Kaval

    Anna Kiachian and Andrew Leaver

    D'Arcy and James A. Kirkland


    Shoba Krishnan and Venkatesh Gopinath

    Denise Kruskamp 

    Lam Research Foundation - Matching Gift Program

  • Cindy and Greg Leonard

    Jennifer A. Levy

    Jody S. Lindell and Ed Matthews

    Lisa M. Lira

    Byrd A. Lochtie

    Lorraine C. Loo

    Karen and Howard K. Loomis, Jr.

    Leinani Malig

    Marathon Petroleum Foundation Inc.

    Leilani J. Marshall

    Martha E. Sanfilippo Foundation

    Debra L. Martin

    Christine Matheney

    Lee and Charles R. McCaffree

    Michelle McCormick and Sara Davis

    Ms. Christine McGavran

    Patricia McGuire

    Amy Means

    Michael J. Kirsch Foundation

    Leslie H. Miller* and Richard Carlton

    Mt. Diablo Unified School District

    Ziem Neubert

    Nordson Corporation Foundation

    Odd Fellows

    Jacqueline S. Osborne

    Sharon L. Pak

    Sheila and Donald Pallotta

    Tisa M. Pedersen

    PG&E Corporation and PG&E - Matching Gifts Program

    Judy Pick

    Janel and James E. Pierce

    Talia and Edgar Pierluissi

    Roxane Polidora

    Port of Oakland

    Catherine and Robert W. Priestley lll

    Susan and Paul A. Renno

    Mary Ellen Richey*

    Robert & Ellen Streich Family Endowment

    Bonnie and Stuart Rosenberg

    Rotary Club of Los Gatos

    Betty Rowland

    Safety Compliance Management

    Karl Schneider

    Susan and Robert A. Schubert

    Barbara A. Shaw

    Silicon Valley Bank

    Nicole and Matthew A. Silva

    Bonny Simi

    The Simon-Strauss Foundation

    Soroptimist International of Central Solano County

    Stellar Solutions

    Leslie A. Stuart and Michael Lilie

    Renee and Jim Sullivan

    Jennifer and Chris Talley

    Tracy L. Teale*

    Tracy Thompson

    Elizabeth Tracy

    Minh T. Tran

    Troop 60349

    Troop 62423

    United Way of Northern California

    Valley of the Moon Lions Club

    Carol A. Van De Poel

    Julie A. Van Gelder and Brent Gregory

    Betty L. Verhoeven

    Leah Verhoeven

    Vietnamese Committee on Scouting

    Lisa Violet*

    Marie and John R. Violet

    Anita Viswanathan

    VMware Foundation

    Robin Washington

    Ann and Tom Watrous

    Amy Weaver Fisher

    S. and K. Weinstein Family Fund

    Valerie and David Wilson

    Micholette Wong

$100 to $999
  • Anonymous (20)

    Elin A. Abbott


    Ackerman and Towson Dentistry

    Tonya Ackerman and Jeff Hudgens

    Adobe Systems - Matching and Volunteer Gift Programs

    Vaibhave Agarwal and Family

    Ms. Ashley Ahwah

    Paula and Michael A. Aja

    David Albrecht

    Laurie Aldrich

    Christine Alflen

    Barbara S. Alger


    Ann-Marie Allison and Family

    Kelley Alwood

    Jennifer A. Amato

    Michael Amato

    Amazon Smile Foundation

    Mr. John Amos

    Genevieve Anderson

    Shirley Andrade and Family

    Ms. Tandy Andrews

    Ms. Kaleigh Anthis

    Scott Anthony

    Andrea Arnold

    Marianne K. Arnstein

    Ms. Lauree Asarian

    Patricia C. Ashauer

    Louise and Leo E. Aspell

    Linda Asubonteng

    Eva S. Auchincloss

    Azevada PTA

    Ms. Najla Azizi

    Rebecca and Joe Ray Baeza

    Marilyn Bailey and Family

    Susan and Edward M. Barich

    Ms. Carol D. Barker

    Kathryn Ann Barnhart and John L. McCarthy

    Kim Barrier

    Jennifer K. Barton

    Jacquelyn Bazley and Richard Brodzinsky

    Patricia Becker and Family

    Will Becker and Family

    Andrea Bell

    Ms. Leeann Bent

    Elizabeth and Douglas F. Berg

    Katherine K. Berman

    Christopher Bernau

    Mary F. Bernstein

    Reena Bhatia

    Sally W. Biggin

    Christina Birch

    Ricki A. Blau and William T. Reeves

    Roly Blosch and Family

    Lora D. Blum

    Susan and Roger Blumer

    BNI Northern California

    Amy Bodin

    Michele Boesenberg and Family

    Linda and James W. Boessenecker

    Karen M. Boezi and Jack Corsello

    Elizabeth Bogan

    Julia M. Bolander

    Lisa Bolar

    Pamela Bond and Family

    Lynn Bonicelli and Timothy Dowd

    Mr. Kevin Booty

    Emily Borders and Family

    Donna and Freeman Born

    Gini Bossenbroek and Family

    Patricia Bouligny

    Debra and Eugene A. Boyce

    Joan C. Braun

    Molly Brennan and Family

    Whitney Brewer and Family

    Bright Funds Foundation

    Michael E. Broach

    Nancy Bronstein-Gisko and Max Gisko

    Mrs. Berit and Mr. Robert Brown

    Doris T. Brown

    Mrs. Doris and Mr. Joe Brown

    Ms. Fannie Brown

    Janis C. Brown and James Conley

    Mrs. Monique Brown

    Rachel Browne

    Mrs. Martha Buma

    Ms. Marielle Bundukin

    Lauren Burch and Family

    Kim and Alvin J. Burgess

    Timothy Burke

    Holly Burles and Family

    Karen and Orville Burley

    Cady Burstein

    Sue Burton

    Berfu Butler and Family

    Jennifer Butterfoss and Family

    Ms. Ami Byrne

    Aneta and Charles L. Campbell

    Melissa Cardinale and Family

    Elizabeth Carey

    Mercedes Carreon

    Lucile Carrico

    Carol J. Carter

    Marco S. Casalaina

    Dr. Amy-Jo Casbon

    Christine Case-Lo

    Denise F. Casey

    Christine Casiano

    Nancy and Jon Cecchettini

    Raquel and John Cerveny

    Ms. Sandy Chaille

    Susan Chandler

    Kelly Charnas and Family

    Julia Chen and Family

    Mrs. Joanne Cherep

    Stephanie L. Chew

    Laura Chicchi and Family

    Clara and Bruce Chin

    Chipotle - Santa Rosa

    Janet Cho

    Susan Choquette and Family

    Christy and Steven Choate

    Mrs. Melissa Choy

    Michael Christian and Family

    Classic Culinaire

    Janet S. Cobb

    Codding Foundation

    Anne Cohen

    Linda J. Cohen

    Lynne Cohen

    Ms. Wanda Cole-Frieman

    Chelsea Collette

    Community Health Charities

    Laura Conger

    Mrs. Tiffany Connor

    Jennifer Contreras

    Michele Conway and Family

    Madelyn Cook

    Amy Cooprider

    Mary Firenze and Jaime A. Cordera

    Polly and Cielito B. Cortez

    Alana Corso and Family

    Arletta Kelley Cortright and Gene S. Cortright

    Kate Cowan

    Virginia and Douglas E. Cowden

    Kimberley R. Cowell

    Ms. Millicent Cox-Edwards

    Christina Cragholm

    Kimberlee Crellin and Family

    Croce Elementary PTA

    Patricia A. Crocker

    Herna Cruz-Louie

    Maura Crvarich and Family

    Stephanie R. Dalzochio

    Carol L. Danaher

    Ms. Diahann Daniels

    Doris C. Daniels

    Ms. Hannah Daniels

    Ms. Rachel Daniels

    Heather and Shandor Daroczi

    Nandana Datt and Family

    Denise M. Davis

    Terri Davis

    Amy Dawson

    Christine A. Dawson

    Angela Delgado

    Delta Dental Plan of California

    Mrs. Jeska DeSzily

    Diablo Gymnastics School

    Minnette Diamond

    Alexandra R. Diaz

    Ms. Melissa Dittmore

    Ms. Jennie Doberne

    Ethan Dodge and Family

    Kristi Doebler

    Maureen A. Dollente

    Kathleen E. Donnelly

    Ms. Julia Drees

    Christina Drogin and Family


    Celia and James J. Dudley

    Mrs. Ann Marie Duffy

    Melody Duke and Family

    Helen M. Dunlap

    Jane T. Durkin

    Dorothea M. Dutton

    East Bay Community Foundation

    Lori and Mark L. Edelstone

    Patricia A. Einarson

    Shelby S. Eklund

    Kathleen M. Elliott

    Catherine Ellis

    Jessica Ellison

    Suzanne Emerson and Family

    Tiffany Eng

    Tessa and John S. Ennals

    Amanda Erb

    Renee Erez

    Erik's DeliCafe Franchises, Inc.

    Melissa Erickson


    Leslie Eschen and Family

    Rebecca Escober and Family

    Ms. Janiece Evans-Page

    Eye to Eye Optometry Group

    Susan and Frank Fan

    Joyce Farnsworth and Family

    Veronica Fernandez

    Lorraine A. Fiamengo and William Tomkovic

    Karen and Brian Fies

    Helen Finneran

    Lawrence and Monaliza Fisher

    Jaclyn Fitch and Family

    Kathryn J. Fitzpatrick

    Desiree Fletcher

    Luis Flores

    Mrs. Susan Flynn

    Charity Follett

    Jennifer Foreman

    Cindy and George Fosselius

    Twila L. Foster and Stephen P. Pezzola

    Edwin S. Fox

    Dorothy and Phillip Frantin

    Ms. Anna Fraser-Hulthage

    Mrs. Kimberly Frigon

    Donalynne and William S. Fuller

    Courtney Furcron

    Dorothy L. Furgerson

    Marian L. Gade and Jerry Michaels

    Barbara E. Gaffield

    Ms. Nikki Gaisbauer

    Ms. Kristy Gallagher

    Laura Gan and Family

    Maria E. Garcia

    Cathy and David Gates

    GE Foundation

    Margaret Geiss-Mooney

    Genentech - Employee Giving Program

    Matthew Ghent and Family

    Girl Scouts of the USA

    Marsha and Stanton A. Glantz

    Carol Gleason

    Charlene M. Godden Ping

    Neela Gohil

    Rachel Gollub and Family

    Joann C. Gomez

    Mrs. Tracy Goostree

    Susan and Joseph M. Gorin

    Mary W. Graves

    Lori and Brian R. Green

    Patricia I. Gregory

    Evangeline H. Griepenstroh

    Meredith Griffin

    Diana Grubbs and Family

    Wende Guastamachio

    Ms. Tanja Gubser

    Ms. Diana and Mel Haas

    Rena Hafeez and Family

    Irene and John H. Hagebusch

    Sarah J Halog and Family

    Liz Hanley and Family

    Angela Harris

    Emily Harris and Family

    Gillian T. Hart

    Marjorie and Gordon E. Hart

    Diane and Bill Hawkes

    Allyn H. Haynes

    Michael D. Healy

    Kay Hefferlin and Family

    Ann and Francis Heile

    Mrs. Dorothie Lorene Hellman and Professor Martin Edward Hellman

    Ms. Linda Hennings

    Carol and Paul Carrington Henshaw Jr.

    Mary Hentges

    Ms. Melissa Hero

    Pamela and William P. Herrera

    Megan Hertzler

    Ashley Hesslein

    Hewlett Packard - Matching Gift Program

    Gwen Hinze and Family

    Carrie Hirsch

    Bradford Hise

    Dianne and Frank R. Hodges

    Catherine and Mark Hoeft

    Carol and Richard Holland

    Dawne Hom and Family

    Carol J. Horaitis

    Farris C. Horak

    Kelly A. Horak

    Carol E. Hoskins

    Shan Hou and Family

    Rebecca Howarth

    Cisy Hsu

    Victoria A. Humphrey

    Wanda Hung

    Martha D. Hunkins

    Ms. Pamela Hyde

    Hydesville Education Foundation

    Nancy Igdaloff and Monica Levin

    Kelly Inman and Family

    Intuitive Foundation

    Jorja E. Jackson

    Yvonne and William R. Jacobson

    Katherine Janeiro

    Megan Jarvis Lavin

    Mr. Zachary Jarvis

    Melinda Jensen

    Kasey Blackburn Jiron and Family

    Nancy L. Johnsen

    Ms. Hayden Johnson

    Karen and Keith L. Johnson

    Mr. Aranthan S. Jones

    Barbara Jones

    Marilyn L. Jordan

    Tia Joseph

    JP Morgan Chase & Co.- Matching Gift Program

    Sheryl L. Jucker

    Jana Kalt

    Savilla Kaltner and Family

    Myoung Kang and Family

    Erinn Kato and Family

    Gail Kavanagh

    Michelle M. Kaye

    Julia Kazul and Family

    Cynthia E. Keefer

    Patricia and Harold Kelban

    Ms. Lisa Kelley

    Sara Kelley and Family

    Kimberly J. Kenley-Salarpi and Angelo Salarpi

    Keysight Technologies

    Shabana Khan and Family

    Cherise Khaund and Family

    Eunice Kim

    Stacy Kim and Family

    Julie A. Kimelman

    Kinders Meat & Deli

    Carolyn and Alan V. King

    Patricia King and Family

    Cheryl and Derek J. Kingham

    Kathleen A. Kirkpatrick

    Ann Kishore and Family

    Kiwanis Club of Martinez

    Kiwanis Club of McKinleyville

    Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley

    Kiwanis Club of Petaluma

    Kiwanis Club of Sebastopol

    Kiwanis Club of South San Jose

    Ms. Jennifer Kiyoi

    Robin Klau and Family

    Laura and William A. Klieves

    Dannica Knapp and Family

    Lauren Koch and Family

    Lada Kocherovsky

    Sujatha Krishnakumar

    Kathleen Kritscher

    Katherine A. Krolikowski

    Meredith and Robert Kunz

    Mrs. Annie Kurosaki

    Nancy Kusumoto

    Marcie Laderman and Family

    Carol and Leif Lagensand

    Kenneth Lambert and Family

    Gene A. Langley

    Ms. Anna Lappe

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    Kathleen Layton and Family

    Kathleen Leake and Family

    M. Susan Leal

    Mary M. LeBlanc

    Debbie and Li Sang Lee

    Kristen Lee

    Louise Lee and Family

    Jane Lee-Mitsuda

    Deloris Leiter

    Kimberly and Hugh Levaux

  • Susan Levine

    Ms. Maggie Levy

    Sheila Lewis

    Debra R. Lewis-McQueen and Scott R. McQueen

    Liberty Mutual

    Marlene Lichty

    Lea Lind

    Shana Lindgren and Family

    LinkedIn Matching Gifts Program

    Ms. Stephanie Lipow

    Kathleen Liu

    Lockheed Martin Employees' Political Action Committee

    Angela Loeffler and Family

    Jennifer Loftus

    Susan Loftus

    Caitlin Lomax-Wu

    Jennifer R. London

    Nicole Loomis and Family

    Mr. Cesar Lopez

    Georgina Lopez

    Lida Lopez and Family

    Denise Louie

    Amy Love*

    Stephanie Lovette

    Jennifer Lowe and Family

    Ms. Kelly Loyet

    Junhui Lu and Family

    Lisa Lund

    Ms. Erica Lundmark

    Ms. Nadine Lusch

    Michelle S. Luster and Daniel Ferguson

    Elise and Norman I. Lustig

    Arianna Lyall and Family

    Christine Lyddon-Murray

    Chicha P. Lynch

    Mr. Maag

    Mary and James L. Macaire

    Carinna Madarang and Family

    Lisa Madera and Family

    Valerie Maestas

    Diane Mailey

    John D. Marks Jr.

    Stacy Markel and Family

    Carol M. Marshall and Robert Williams

    Ms. Veletta Marshall

    Rebeca Marthinsen and Van Odell

    Ms. Pam Martin

    Elizabeth Masalin Smith

    Lindsey Matheney

    Ann M. Matsumoto

    Vanessa Maunder and Family

    Sheena Mawson and Family

    Cynthia McCann

    Martha and Iain McClatchie

    Ann McClure

    Ms. Jacqueline Mcfadden

    Ms. Katherine McGraw

    Nikki Shawn McKennedy and John McDermott

    McKinsey & Company

    Janet and Thomas K. McManus Jr.

    J. Pat McMurray

    Kindra Mendall and Family

    Kathryn Menge and Family

    Susan J. Mertens

    Nannette Meyers and Family

    Danielle Miller

    Kimberly and Jay Mitchell

    Kymberly Y. Miller and Mark Ouiment

    Ms. Marion Miller

    Angel M. Mina

    Anne Mitchell

    Tara K. Mochizuki and Jeffrey Chu

    Shannon Moon

    Eve Moran and Family

    Carol R. Mordock

    Jocelyn Mortensen and Family

    Linda J. Moulton

    Ms. Sarah Moxon

    Randa C. Mulford

    Kenneth Mullen

    Debra and Robert Murelli

    Clare M. Murphy

    Anne Murray-Segar

    Rhonda and Michael M. Murray

    Sidhaarth Murugan

    Danielle Naftulin and Family

    Ms. Monique Nakagawa

    Cynthia M. Nakahara

    Don T. Nakanishi

    Dr. Srihari Namperumal

    Ravi Nanavati

    Michel Narganes and Family

    Janet Nasburg

    Nationwide Mutual Insurance

    Elaine Needham

    Susan Neth and Family

    Beth Newick

    Andrea Ngo and Family

    Josie Nguyen and Family

    Katie Nguyen and Family

    Viktoria Niederhofer and Family

    Nielsen Cares

    Paul Nielsen

    Mr. Erik Nierenberg

    Ms. Caitlin Noble

    Mrs. Elizabeth Noble

    Theresa A. Northcutt


    Yonatan Y. Ogbaslassie

    Mary and Dennis I. Okamura

    Zainabu E. Oke*

    Cathryn Oliver Brown and William G. Brown

    Mrs. Jessica O'Reilly

    Diane Oshima and Paul Maltzer

    Gary Ostergren

    Madelin T. Palmieri

    Cindy Panelli and Family

    Ms. Sascha Paris

    Catherine B. Park

    Martha and Richard Pastcan

    Hema Patel and Family

    Patrick and Shirley Campbell Foundation

    Wendy and Gary R. Patterson

    Kenneth Pauley

    Ms. Nancy Paxton

    Suzanne Pellican and Family

    Ms. Rachel Pepper

    Julie and Scott Perfect

    Perforce Foundation

    Linda A. Perkins

    Patty Perlegos and Family

    Laura Perry

    Lora Pertle and Family

    Leslie F. Peters

    Virginia C. Peterson

    Pfizer Foundation - Matching Gift Program

    Judy C. Pham

    Mrs. Martha Phillips

    Ms. Valerie Phillips

    Marcus Phipps

    Kristen L. Pierce

    Lu Pietri and Family

    Dana Pingatore

    Annette Pitcher

    Nicoline K. Pittman

    Michelle Pizzo and Family

    Dr. Jelena Pjesivac-Grbovic

    Ms. Heather Ponsano

    Ms. Susan Portugall

    Presidio Bank

    Shannon Price

    Mary Pridham

    Ms. Caroline Pritchett

    Kristen Pszonowsky and Family

    Lois and Peter Purgalis

    Moira J. Pyne

    Mrs. Suzannah Radack

    Rashmi Ramachandra amd Gangadhay Manjun

    Charissa and Christopher Ramp

    Jenelle M. Rank

    Roxana Rascoe

    Pamela A. Reasner and Mark R. Cutkosky

    Jason Redlus

    Mr. John Reider

    Annabelle K. Resch

    Sherry Revak

    Daniela Ribbecke

    Joyce A. Richards

    Katherine L. Richardson

    Anne M. Riddell and John Dolin Periera

    Janet Riley

    Ms. Rebecca Ritger

    Amera Rizk and Family

    Kim Roa and Family

    Sandra J. Roadcap and Steven Sciamanna

    Catherine and Daniel J. Roberts

    Ms. Heather Robertson

    Noemi M. Robinson

    Patience Robinson


    Tony Roggero

    Karen and Bruce T. Rohde

    Patricia Roller

    Mr. Greg Ronnow

    Ms. Charlene Rosenbaum

    Randi Ross and Family

    Selina Ross

    Lauren Rossi

    Julie Rossing and Family

    Sarah J. Rothstein

    Susan Rouder

    Theresa S. Rude

    Claire A. Russo

    Teri Mae Rutledge and Family

    Sarah Ryan and Family

    Katrina Rymill and Family

    S & S Events

    Sherri R. Sager

    Karen P. Sakai and Tony Huey

    Janelle Sambueno

    Lillian and Craig Samuel

    Evelyn Sanchez

    Diane and Al Sargent

    Emily Sarver and Family

    Sherri and Nelson Scarrott

    Christine G. Schaaf

    Schein Family

    Ms. Denise Schichnes

    Kaye Schleich

    Nancy C. Schlesinger

    Juliet Schoenthal and Family

    Elizabeth Schrey

    Christine Schulz

    Mary Ann Schumann

    Mrs. Isela Scott

    Jennifer Scroggins

    Samantha Seals-Martin

    Deborah A. Sedberry and Jeffrey Klingman

    Marcy Segre

    Norma Sengstock and Family

    The Setzer Foundation

    Alana Shackelford and Family

    JoAnn R. Shank

    Colleen Shannon and David Moore

    Megha Sharma and Family

    Patricia and Barry Sharrow

    Erin Shaw

    Scott Sherman

    Joy Shigaki

    Julie Showalter and Family

    Vimal Shyamji and Family

    Ramsey Silberberg

    Side Inc.

    Silicon Valley Community Foundation

    Ernie Smith

    Patricia A. Smith

    Maryanne Solo

    Soroptimist International of Arcata

    Elsa Spaulding

    Wendy Spears and Family

    Cherrill M. Spencer

    Nancy E. Spero and Norman Brand

    Sara Spero and Family

    Ms. Diana Starr

    Janet M. Stavosky

    Karin A. Stein

    Judy and Max W. Steinke

    Ruth and Joe J. Stevens

    Judy Stone

    Mary-Jane Strom

    Ms. Catherine Stubstad

    Joan B. Stutes

    Ann Sullivan

    Kristine and Erich Sumi

    Wen-Hsin Sung and Tayung Liu

    Annette Sutton

    Constance and Kevin Sutton

    Gwen K. Swan

    Krista E. Switzer

    T.Y. Custom Design, Inc.

    Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

    Joan K. Takenaka and Kevin S. Hatch

    Target Inc.

    Christine Tauscher and Family

    Kimberly Taylor

    Shari and Joseph J. Teresi

    Loi Thai

    Archana Thakur

    Alice and Ronald K. Theisen

    Alan Thompson

    Cheryl Thompson and Family

    Kit and Lance Thompson

    Maryett and Robert B. Thompson

    Loretta and Matthew Tognoli

    Brian R. Toleno

    Monica Tompkins and Family

    Christopher Torres and Family

    Mary Beth Towery and Family

    TowTally Camping

    Katherine M. Toy

    Carol Troll

    Helen and John Trollman

    Troop 10026

    Troop 30039

    Troop 33143

    Troop 60210

    Troop 60455

    Troop 61891

    Troop 61924

    Anne and Wally Trujillo

    Dawn and James C. Tsaio

    Mary Tsao and Family

    Julia Tseng Wang

    Gail and Sonny Tsuboi

    Jennifer J. Turner

    United Way of California Capital Region

    Prasad Upadrasta

    Kathleen and John C. Urban

    Lori J. Van Houten

    Devin Van Hoy

    Shari J. VanLoo

    Cristin and Mark Vaughan

    Tia Verches

    Veritas Technologies

    Alison Vickery

    Noelle Vidal and Family

    Deepthi Vijayraghavan

    Teri and Richard Vincent

    Ingrid and Ronald N. Voss

    Lan Vu

    Walt Disney Elementary School

    Walter and Judith Sleeth Foundation

    Ms. Lindsay Walters

    Patricia A. Wampler

    Grace Wang

    Ms. Grace Wang

    Diana B. Wanger

    Shannon D. Warner

    Ms. Queen Washington

    Ms. Valerie M. Washington

    Ms. Carla Washinko

    Lynn A. Webb

    Nancy Webb and Family

    Valerie J. Webb

    Jane and William L. Wegner

    Mrs. Jennifer Wei

    Ms. Cheryl Weitzman

    Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

    Wells Fargo Foundation

    Michelle and Scott Wendler

    Sam and Andy Werback

    Victoria Westfall

    Rachel Wheeler and Family

    Diana White and Family

    Laura A. Whitman

    Teresa J. Wiedwald

    Mary and Roger C. Wildensten

    Kathleen P. Wilde-Smith

    Deborah E. Wilder

    Mr. David Wilkins

    Michi Willcoxon and Family

    Mrs. Valerie Williams-Cole

    Julie Williamson

    Jeanne S. Willis

    Kennisa Wingate

    Tara Winters

    Marianne and William E. Witscher

    Ginger Wolnik

    Ingrid H. Woods and Steven R. Cummings

    Linda and Steven Woodside

    Bryan Woodworth

    Workday, Inc.

    Hui-Chun Wu and Family

    Jenny B. Wucher

    Anne E. Wurr

    Chloe Wurr

    Lucienne Wurr

    Martha Yacoe Daly and Marshall Yacoe

    Toni Yaffe

    Jian Yao and Family

    Buffy and James Yeh

    Michelle and John Yeider

    Suzanne L. Yost

    Julia Younger

    Kelly Younger and Family

    Kristen Yu and Family

    Shuna Yu and Family

    Janice Yuen

    Naomi Zampella and Family

    Kimberly and Craig Zarmer

    Zebra Technologies Corporation

    Marilyn B. Zelaya

    Suzanne and Donald Zimmerman

    Danielle Zimmermann

    Ms. Gena Zolotar

Tribute Gifts
  • In Honor of Tributes:

    Barbi Abbott




    Dragon Babies

    Christy Baker

    Jennifer Barton

    Mia Bassett

    Gretchen Botton

    Mary-Elizabeth Breslin

    Violet Buxton-Walsh

    Mary Carlson

    Alicia Cock-Esteb

    Shoshanah Cohen & Troop 62868

    Leah & Ellie Collins

    Geri Creque

    Viola & Ilona DeSzily

    Beth Devin

    Hillary C. Emer

    Essential Workers

    Lynette Fahy

    Valise Ferguson

    Lauren Fialkow

    Angelica Fields

    Jennifer Cornaggia Friesen

    Frontline Workers

    Mary Catherine Gaisbauer

    Dr. Elizabeth Gilbert

    Karen Derr Gilbert

    Girl Scout Family

    Girl Scout Troops

    Girl Scouts Everywhere

    GSNorCal Staff & Volunteers

    Wende Guastanachino

    Jeanette Haas

    Madison Hall

    Alyce Hansell

    Alyce & Ken Hansen

    Amy Harris

    Ann Hershber


    Brooklyn Hobbs


    Amand Fan Johansen

    Nancy Johnsen


    Kate & Donna

    Keira Kennedy

    Kalia Kiyoi

    Laura & Sarah Klieves

    Alexis Konstantino

    Shannon Kunz

    Bob and Rachel Kwong

    Eleanor & Anna Lavin

    Kelly Levin

    Julie Lohman

    Madelyn Low

    Marie Lund

    Chicha Lynch

    Beth Maizes

    Sona Manzo

    Cathy Martin

    Nancy Mascardo

    Carol Breed McCauley

    Madeleine McConnell

    Penelope McDonnell


    Marin & Teagan Moon

    Laura 'Smurf' Murphy


    Marina Park

    Veronica Pascual

    Martha Pastcan

    Frances Pepper

    Emily Peters

    Jane & William Phillips



    Mrs. Pulliam

    Holly & Cayla Ray-Perry

    Joan Recknell

    Shannon Reilly

    Charles & Penny Roemmele

    Aly Roozee

    Sue Roth

    Sarah Rothstein

    Lillian Samuel

    San Francisco Service Unit

    Carol Sands

    Kaye Schleich

    Isabel Serrato

    Woody & Denise Shackleton

    Skylark Ranch

    Skylark Ranch Riding Staff


    Margaret Stone

    Anna Stubstad

    SU620 Camporee Committee and Crew

    Celia Tarcha

    Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh

    Laura Taylor

    Helen Terada

    Mary Toulson

    Meagan Travlos

    Troop 1452

    Troop 1889

    Troop 30377

    Troop 30848

    Troop 31286

    Troop 32074

    Troop 32641

    Troop 32754

    Troop 33152

    Troop 61443

    Troop 61574

    Troop 62037

    Troop 62158

    Troop 62203

    Troop 62361

    Troop 62422

    Troop 62497

    Troop 62611

    Troop 62659

    Troop 62677

    Troop 62728

    Troop 62768

    Troop 647 & Service Unit 7

    Troop 779

    Troop 941

    Marissa Vessles

    Kerry Washinko

    Sam & Katie Werback

    Rebecca Whitman

    Hey You

  • In Memory of Tributes:

    Myra Lynn Albrecht

    Esther Alpert

    Mrs. Nancy Appling

    Paul Biber

    Ann Bird

    Chet Brown

    Debbie Hall Brunton

    Juanita Burton

    Charles Campbell Jr.

    Yvonne Carothers

    Susana Cerda

    Nancy Cunningham Clark

    Joanna L. Cohen

    Thelma Conley

    Sara Conway

    Winifred Imhof Cook

    Suzanne Couret

    Anna May Cox

    Villas Danbom

    Alice Dekker

    Neva Louise DeVore

    Kathy Wanger Dietz

    John & Mary Firenze

    Linda Ann Follette

    Leona Fortune

    Nancy Fox

    Mirian Gaon

    Girl Scouts before us

    Monda Hall

    Patricia Herbert

    Barbara Herrera

    Deborah Holden

    Evelyn Igdaloff

    Catherine Johnson

    Harold Kelban

    Donald & Elizabeth Kelley

    Rachel Kwong

    Colin Lane

    Joanne B. Lasnik

    Babette Latham

    Juilette Low

    Patricia Rounsefell McIntosh

    Laura "Smurf" Murphy

    Macie Grace Opperman

    Andrea Ostling

    Ruth Kelly Parker

    Pamela Parkhurst

    Mary Peirce

    Rose Placenza

    Linda Powers

    Mrs. Florence "Red Wing" Pozza

    Mary Remler

    Peggy Riddervold

    Emma-Nancy Rogers

    Lori Ross

    Ellen Rossi

    Viola Rouder

    Marcy Sanchez

    Marie Schleich

    Marilyn Shannon

    Charlotte Strong

    Geraldine Thorne

    Jerri Thorne

    Vee Throne

    Lorraine "Mini HaHa" Throvald

    George Toulson

    Troop 31286

    Troop 62497

    Jeffrey Bryan Trujillo

    Cal Warren

    Alice Webb

    Preston DeWitt Wiley

    Heide Wilson

    Kristin E. Wirth

Juliette Gordon Low Society (Planned Giving)

Thank you to our donors who include us in their estate plans! 

  • Anonymous (4)

    Katie Anderson

    Lynne Armstrong

    Jana L. Barsten*

    Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift

    Suzanne* and Robert F. Bell

    Jeanette Bemis

    Ellen Bermingham* and Tim Culler

    Frank Bette

    Bonnie R. Bliss

    Walter J. Bobkiewicz

    Marcie B. Brown

    Ginger Bryant*

    Barbara and Miya Burbach

    Samantha K. Burkey

    Susan Burton and Tom F. O'Donnell

    Sara M. Cakebread

    Carol L. Campbell

    Leslie Carmichael and Bob Lee

    Jeanne-Marie Carr

    Stephanie L. Chew

    Brenda H. Christensen and Tom Barry

    Susan A. Coleman

    Nancy J. Corbin

    Esther A. Heller and Nicholas A. Corsano

    Polly and Cielito B. Cortez

    Arletta Kelley Cortright and Gene S. Cortright

    Nancy C. Derbish

    Saman Dias

    Kristi Doebler

    Joan M. Dove

    Dorothea M. Dutton

    Karen Malmstrom Eckhart

    Nanci Eksterowicz

    Tessa and John S. Ennals

    Kimberly Ann Freitas and Michael D. Topper

    Marian L. Gade and Jerry Michaels

    Karen Derr Gilbert*

    Teresa E. Gisske

    Bev and Tom Graham

    Dr. Trudy Gross and Mrs. Stacey Martinsky

    Deanna P. Gumina

    Terri A. Hague and Karen Helmuth

    Nancy H. Handel

    Michelle R. Harvey

    Esther A. Heller and Nicholas A. Corsano

    Karen Helmuth

    Sandy Holmes

    Kathleen A. Horton

    Carol E. Hoskins

    Nancy L. Johnsen

    Marcia J. Keeler

    Julie A. Kimelman

    Shoba Krishnan and Venkatesh Gopinath

    Dianne Lamendola and Peter Pavich

    Jody S. Lindell and Ed Matthews

  • Byrd A. Lochtie

    Linda E. Lococo and John K. Conway

    Michelle S. Luster and Daniel Ferguson

    Pamela Mantegani

    Carol M. Marshall and Robert Williams

    Christine Matheney

    Peg and Tom McAllister*

    Michelle McCormick and Sara Davis

    Patricia McGuire

    Shannon M. McMath and Steve Aja

    Nancy and Kenneth Mednick

    Leslie H. Miller* and Richard Carlton

    Linda Mock

    Jennifer A. Moyen-Logan and Luc Moyen

    JoAnne J. Neil

    Robert W. Newman

    Mary and Dennis I. Okamura

    Marina H. Park and Robert I. Sutton

    Tisa M. Pedersen

    Judy Pick

    Charissa and Christopher Ramp

    Joyce A. Richards

    Katherine L. Richardson

    Mary Ellen Richey*

    Sarah J. Rothstein

    Julie Rotolo

    Spokes 7 Foundation

    Susan Rouder

    Betty Rowland

    Lillian and Craig Samuel

    George W. and Faye Batten Saul

    Barbara Scheifler

    Corrinne Semas

    Barbara A. Shaw

    Sandra Takahashi Shirai*

    Rebecca J. Simpson

    Cea and Jack R. Soares

    Peggy Soberanis

    Alma and Tarek Sorensen

    Cherrill M. Spencer

    Cari Lyn Stanton

    Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh*

    Terri and Stanley Terada

    Kit and Lance Thompson

    Betty Tocchini

    Jeanne and James Toms

    Rose and John Triplett

    Suzanne Troxel and Josh Peckler

    Katharine A. Velleman

    Berenice Villasenor

    Patricia J. Webb

    Anne and Nicholas A. Whyte

    Sara Wigh-McManis and James McManis

    Deborah E. Wilder

    Sherri Lewis Wood

    Wendie and Henry Wu

Formerly ‘Forever Green’, the Juliette Gordon Low Society is a wonderful way to leave a legacy to support girl leadership programs far into the future. If you would like to learn more about including Girl Scouts of Northern California in your legacy plans, visit our Juliette Gordon Low Society page.

Gifts in Kind
  • Anonymous (1)

    1st Day School Supplies

    Advanced Physical Therapy and Ergonomics


    All Star Academics

    Apple, Inc.

    Valerie J. Armento

    Artisan Printing

    Stephanie Barmmer

    Bay Area Rescue Mission

    Frank Bobadilla

    Church of God of Prophecy

    Dolan's Lumber

    Dows Prairie Garage No. 505

    Ms. Suzanne Duval

    Ecumenical Hunger Program

    Wendy Gilberd

    Harriet Haibeck

    Hayward Area Recreation and Park District

    Highland Hospital

    Home Depot - Concord

    Gerald Horn

    Jackson Lewis LLP

    Jelly Belly

    Johnson Lumber Ace Hardware

  • Kaiser Hospital, Oakland - Emergency Dept.

    Lehmann Plumbing, Inc.

    Lowe's - Antioch

    Marin Shakespeare Company

    Mr. Sean McLaird

    Moraga Hardware & Lumber

    Jennifer A. Moyen-Logan and Luc Moyen

    Mozart Einstein & Me

    Ms. Joann Owens

    Annie Pelayo

    Pinole Senior Center

    Safeway - Antioch

    Sal's Inflatable Services, Inc

    Second Harvest Food Bank

    Vipul Singhal

    Jean and James Southward

    Frank Stanek

    Starbucks - Redwood City

    Style House Staging and Design

    C. Fred Toney Sr.

    Troop 20067

    Ujima Family Recovery Services

    Valley Christian Elementary School

    Kiyo Watkins-Weiss and Jonathan Weiss

    Moira Wilmes


We hope your gift is acknowledged accurately and apologize for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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