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Camp CEO

Camp CEO is an invitation-only Girl Scout leadership program that sends 70 high-school girls from underserved communities to the Stanislaus National Forest with some of the most successful executive women from the Bay Area as mentors and role-models.

Rather than have girls and mentors formally assigned to each other for the entire duration of the camp, girls and mentors will have the opportunity to interact with each other during a series of activities. This gives girls and mentors the chance to meet and engage with several people from different backgrounds.  Over the course of 3 days, these campers and mentors tackle the ropes course, organic gardening, hiking, and some hands-on lessons about growth mindset and goal setting. Positive results come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the benefits of outdoor learning. Benefits like…


Better grades


Better health


Lower stress levels


Increased motivation


Better attitudes about the environment


Enhanced communication skills


Better self-reliance...and more!

Ideal girl candidates for Camp CEO don’t have to be the girls with the highest GPA, but they are girls with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for new learning opportunities.

With the generous support of our corporate sponsors, as well as gifts from individual mentors, Girl Scouts of Northern California is able to offer Camp CEO at no cost to the girls – and these are the girls who need outreach like Camp CEO the most.

In addition to the life-changing experiences you can give to girls, there’s a lot of direct benefit for your company, too. To learn more ways you can support Camp CEO while also promoting your company’s great work in the community, please contact Stephanie Chew