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Saratoga Troop earns Bronze Award after completing Rock Painting Service Project

Rock Painting Service Project

Made up of twenty-two 5th grade girls, Troop 62333 initiated a rock painting service project that joins their school with the City of Saratoga (#SaratogaROCKS) and a nationwide project called Kindness Rocks. This organization had the idea that if people saw pretty painted rocks when they were walking around, it would make them smile and inspire them to do random acts of kindness. The City of Saratoga also heard about this organization and decided to encourage people in our community to participate as part of a public art initiative. 

The girls thought it would be a great way to connect the students of Saratoga Elementary School with the Saratoga community, as well as beautify the community with public art. Troop 62333's project kicked off with a meeting at Wildwood Park where they made stone soup and figured out the best techniques for rock painting. 

The troop supplied students with paint, paint pens, and markers, and asked everyone to stick with a nature theme. Younger students were encouraged to paint patterns, like fish or flowers, while some older students chose to paint more detailed designs or animals. On the bottom of each rock, the girls wrote #SaratogaROCKS and SES to identify the rocks and connect them with our community. Now, most of the rocks can be found at the Saratoga Public Library as a public art installation, but others can be found around the Saratoga community. 

Way to go, Troop 62333! 

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