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Dolores Huerta inspires two budding activist Girl Scouts that "Yes They Can!"

Dolores Huerta patch and pin from Mills College event

On February 2, 2018, Girl Scouts Josette Davidow and Amy Williams, from San Francisco Troop 62422 and El Cerrito Troop 30643 respectively, were thrilled to be in the presence of the legendary Dolores Huerta! 


Who is Dolores Huerta?

Dolores Huerta is an iconic civil rights activist and labor leader, most well-known for co-founding the National Farmworkers Association (later the United Farmworkers Union) with Cesar Chavez, and organizing and negotiating the pivotal Delano grape strike in 1965. She has tirelessly fought for the voices and needs of farmworkers through voter drives, strikes, union negotiations, and nonviolent protest. She helped pass 15 bills aimed at protecting the rights of Spanish speaking immigrants, including the Immigration Act of 1986 that helped millions of immigrants to become United States citizens. She became a powerful ally and speaker, legendary in her skill at negotiations, and continues to fight for immigrant rights to this day.

She was also a proud member of Girl Scout Troop 8 for ten years in Stockton, California, and has said that being a Girl Scout informed her passion for social justice, and helped her learn "how to be strong and believe in [herself], [how] to be open to new ideas, work with others, and to make friends for life!"

Meeting Dolores Huerta at Mills College in Oakland, CA

Josette and Amy met Huerta at a panel discussion with welcoming remarks from US Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and viewed the award winning movie Dolores, and even got to sit up front with Mills College president Elizabeth Hillman. The movie spans Huerta’s family life, work, and her decades-long crusade to correct economic and social injustice. After the screening, Huerta told the audience how she felt compelled to stand up at a young age and rally her community, and how her upbringing inspired her to make the world a better place; she encouraged everyone, no matter their background, to stand up for social justice. The hall echoed with her iconic rallying cry of "Si, se puede!" as the audience voiced their enthusiasm for her message.

For Josette and Amy, meeting Dolores Huerta was truly the chance of a lifetime. Inspired by Huerta’s tireless activism, Josette and Amy are striving to learn how to make the world a better place, especially for farmworkers, women, and immigrants, by working towards earning the "Dolores Huerta" patch, designed to honor this iconic feminist and activist. They visited the GSNorCal Daughters of Farmworkers summer program in Gilroy and partnered with a sister Girl Scout. Both Josette and Amy wanted to play soccer together, but since they did not own a soccer ball, they crumpled up paper and wrapped duct tape around it, showing great ingenuity and resourcefulness. They then gave their Gilroy Girl Scout friends backpacks filled with school supplies. The gathering truly made a difference to all who attended!

The goal of The Dolores Huerta Foundation is to "show people how to work together and take on an issue affecting them”. In true Girl Scout fashion, Josette and Amy discovered for themselves the answer to “Can we make a difference?” Si, se puede!