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How You Can Help With North Bay Fire Relief Efforts

North Bay Fire Relief

Our hearts are with our communities impacted by the North Bay fires. We are grateful for the firefighters, first responders, and volunteers who are helping to fight the fires, save lives, and support those who have lost so much. Our thoughts are with all who have lost so much through this disaster and who continue to be at risk from destructive fires. We are sisters and brothers in Girl Scouts and will stand together to help your communities and your families recover.

We have reached out directly to all of our members in the affected areas to find out how we can best support them in this difficult time and we will develop a plan of action once we have a clear understanding of the needs of our members in those communities. At this time, however, we’re offering financial support - through the Opportunity Fund - to help cover the cost of uniforms, membership dues, camp registration, and program fees.

If you would like to support GSNorCal’s opportunity fund, you can donate here:

Check out this simple chart to help you understand what you can and cannot do to support the fire relief efforts as a Girl Scout.