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Council Project Updates

Girl Scouts is at work this year, and we’re making Northern California a better place for girls. We’re thrilled to share news about all the improvements we’ll be making. We are working to enrich the quality and breadth of our program offerings, continuing to invest in supporting volunteers, and enhancing and updating our camps, service centers, shops, and troop spaces within our properties. Whew! It’s going to be amazing.

Featured Updates

There's so much happening year-round at our camps and program centers, but here's a sneak peek at some of the bigger projects we're working on!

New Cabins at Skylark Ranch and Sugar Pine

Two of our most-used camps, Skylark Ranch and Sugar Pine, had a number of old tents that needed some TLC! This year, we replaced those tent units and added in cabins that are great for cold temperatures and provide a more secure setting for our younger or first-time campers.

New Cabins at Skylark Ranch and Sugar Pine

Eco-Pond Conversion at Hidden Falls

As Hidden Falls reopens for troop camping in January 2019, we're excited to show off our newest addition to the property: the eco-pond! Do you recognize the old swimming pool? While the camp was dormant last year, some forest friends moved in to our then-pool so, in true Girl Scout fashion, we converted the pool into an educational ecology space for our budding environmental scientists. Awesome, right?

Hidden Falls Eco-Pond

Santa Rosa Program Center Enhancements

Our members in Santa Rosa heavily rely on the Santa Rosa Program Center to host troop meetings and outdoor programs. This year, we went to work and demo'd 3 offices inside the Program Center to create a large open space for troop meetings! We added fencing around the property to provide a secure, closed-off space for outdoor programming, too.

Hey Girl Scouts, Let's Get Building

Here’s a brief look at some of the projects we’re working on.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we make our properties and spaces as awesome as the girls and volunteers who use them! We’ll be updating this information as more becomes available and as timelines change.

Completed FY2017:
  • Refurbished the swimming pool
  • Added an additional camping unit
  • Remodeled bathrooms in our historic buildings, Manor/Lyman
Butano Creek
  • Refurbished cooking shelters
Hidden Falls
  • Repaired the entrance road to camp
  • Renovated several camping units
  • Rebuilt the shower house
  • Converted the pool to an educational eco-pond
Ida Smith
  • Add camping units with cooking shelters
  • Updated the central gathering area
  • Updated the showers
Skylark Ranch
  • Added units with yurts or cabins for more indoor sleeping
Sugar Pine
  • Added units with cabins or covered wagons for more indoor sleeping
Twin Canyon
  • Built a large cooking pavilion
  • Added yurts in 2 units

Our 2017–2021 Property Plan

Our Board of Directors adopted this five year (2017–2021) Program and Property Plan (PDF) at its November 5, 2016 Board Meeting.

The Plan builds upon experience gained and progress made during the 2012–2016 Property Plan, and reflects input from members during the year-long development process described below.

The Plan answers an important question for our girls: What portfolio of experiences and properties will best support our goals to get more girls outside and more girls engaged in Girl Scout experiences?

We are excited to improve the condition of our most-used camps, invest in local program centers, and develop new programs that reach girls in all areas of our council!