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Accident/Sickness Insurance Coverage
As members of Girl Scouts of NorCal, your membership provides you with basic secondary insurance (Plan 1). For many of the activities you do as Girl Scouts, you will need to purchase additional insurance, especially for trips longer than 3 nights, activities involving non-members, and/or international trips.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your Girl Scout coverage is secondary to any health insurance you have. Submit your claim to your primary health insurance company first. When you receive an Explanation of Benefits Statement, send it along to us with our itemized bill and the completed claim form. Payment will be made to the providers of service (Hospital, Physician or Others), unless a paid receipt statement accompanies the bill at the time the claim is submitted.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form
Often facilities and vendors will request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from GSNorCal when a troop has a meeting at a site or hosts a cookie booth in front of a business. This is a standard practice and is commonly requested in a contract. Likewise, when planning events on behalf of GSNorCal (for example, day camps, service unit events, high-adventure activities with vendors, etc.), COIs are often needed to verify that an organization or location meets Girl Scouts’ insurance standards.