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Girl Scout Playbook

Whether you're a veteran or first-year troop leader, the Girl Scout Playbook is your go-guide for planning a successful troop year filled with the best Girl Scout experiences!

The Girl Scout Playbook:

  • Pulls together all the key resources and best advice into one key place, organized by Girl Scout program area and grade level.
  • Helps all troop leaders, both new and experienced, for all program grade levels. Multi-level troops can use all the resources for each program level they serve. Additional resources specific to Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors, and multi-level troops are coming soon!
  • Provides practical tools to plan and organize the activities you do with your troop.
  • Is accessible anywhere, any time, across every device and browser—no password required! On mobile devices, we recommend viewing the Playbook in landscape.

Playbook Training Webinars

Watch our introductory training webinar on the Essential Girl Scout Experience and learn how to build a fun, fulfilling year for your Girl Scout troop! We'll show you how to use the Playbook and provide answers to frequently asked questions.