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Space Science

Space Science

At GSNorCal, girls of all ages can explore the science of our universe through a variety of programs and events, travel, clubs, and starting July 2019... new Space Science badges for all levels!

Space Science Explorer
Space Science Adventurer
Space Science Investigator
Like real space scientists, Daisies explore and observe the Sun, Moon, and stars while looking at the sky and talking about what they see. Brownies investigate the complexities of the sky and learn to see things in new ways. Juniors venture through the Solar System and beyond, seeing that space is even bigger than they imagined. 
Space Science Researcher
Space Science Expert
Space Science Master
Cadettes observe and explore light, deepening their understanding of the Sun, stars, and other objects in space. Seniors explore more about light, stars, optics, and their place in the Universe.  Ambassadors explore, observe, design, and communicate space science discoveries—just like NASA scientists and engineers.

Thanks to the NASA-funded Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts (aka Girl Scout Stars) supporting partnerships with the SETI Institute, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and more, all Girl Scouts levels can now earn a Space Science badge.

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Astronomy Events

Looking to admire the night sky with other space enthusiasts? Check the Activity Finder (search keyword “astronomy” or “space”) for GSNorCal-hosted events where girls can spend an evening discovering the wonders beyond Earth.

Or find a public astronomy event near you through your local Night Sky Network astronomy club. Astronomy club members can find resources to support Girl Scouts at the Night Sky Network here.

Local Field Trips

Check out this map of favorite space science field trip locations in Northern California. From Chabot Space & Science Center to Robert Ferguson Observatory to Chico Community Observatory, Northern California is home to dozens of science museums, planetariums, and observatories

Psst - When visiting the California Academy of Sciences, don't forget to use the sales code "GirlScoutsNorCal" for special discounted tickets! 

Travel Opportunities

Ready for an adventure in space exploration? Check out GSUSA's upcoming Destinations. From Astronomy Camp to Space Academy, these travel programs invite girls to connect with experts, use specialized tools, and explore new intergalactic challenges. 

Girl Scout Astronomy Clubs

 Love space? Join a Girl Scout Astronomy Club, where Girl Scouts 6th grade and older can explore the cosmos, learn from from special guests, practice navigating the night sky, and more.

If you are interested in joining a club, please register through the GSNorCal events site using the search term "astronomy".

To inquire about joining or starting a club in a new area, please contact

Space Science Program Boxes

Solar System Box: Select the perfect combination of activities for your girls to explore the Sun, Earth, Moon, planets, and eclipses. Originally designed for the 2017 solar eclipse, this box is good for all levels—just use the resources below:

Girls Go to Mars Box: Explore the science of our own planet and our closest planetary neighbors, Venus and Mars. This patch-earning program for Cadettes, developed in partnership with the SETI Institute, can be earned by sourcing your own materials to use with the curriculum here.

About Space Science Badges

To earn the Space Science badges, girls need to complete five steps (three for Daisies), choosing one of the three activity choices for each step. Designed to take three meetings, the Space Science badges can be completed using the troop leader materials in the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), using the Badge Booklet available in GSNorCal Shops, or using both! The badge booklets are colorful and fun for girls, while the VTK includes links to additional resources and downloadable PDFs.

Since receiving funding from NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in 2015, GSNorCal has collaborated with the SETI Institute, GSUSA, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and other space science educators to develop a new series of Space Science badges for Girl Scouts at every program level.

Older girls can also explore space with the Night Owl badge for Cadettes, and the Sky badge for Seniors.