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Research shows that girls are actively interested in becoming entrepreneurs, developing financially stable futures, and using their skills to make a big impact on the world. But there are stumbling blocks on a girl’s path to entrepreneurship, including fear of failure, concerns about bringing her big idea to life, and the perception that men are more likely to be entrepreneurs than women.

While entrepreneurship may not be right for every girl, every girl will benefit, and maybe even discover a future career path, by learning to think like an entrepreneur. By providing a foundation to learn important business skills, Girl Scouts is the perfect place to support young girls in exploring entrepreneurship as they progress through Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, the foundation of entrepreneurial experience in Girl Scouts, is an important (and exciting!) part of the overall Girl Scout experience—tons of learning for her and beyond-delicious cookies for our awesome cookie customers! It’s a win-win.

As cookie entrepreneurs, girls gain essential skills and work as a team to accomplish common goals and solve problems, while building the confidence they need to shine as girls, as young women, and as future leaders.


Did you know? The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led financial literacy program in the country. In fact, GSNorCal girls have sold over 44 Million packages of cookies—that's a lot of Thin Mints!

Every year Girl Scouts all over the country use their cookie earnings to do amazing things in their communities and beyond. From helping animal shelters and feeding the homeless to raising awareness about bullying, making public areas more accessible to people with disabilities, and tons more, Girl Scouts can and will do anything they put their hearts and minds to.

Is she looking to level-up her entrepreneurship skills?

Check out these recorded webcasts with real-life female business bosses and she can get the inside scoop on how to think like an entrepreneur.


The Business of Big Ideas (Grades 6-12)


New Entrepreneurship Badges!

Business Startup -  Seniors learn about entrepreneurship by coming up with an idea for a product or service that meets a need in the marketplace. They brainstorm and research ideas and connect with a startup expert, and they get feedback by organizing a focus group, researching competitors, and interviewing local business owners. Then they pitch their idea to a marketing expert, finance professional, or friends and family, and learn about different options for funding a startup.

Cookie CEO - Juniors selling Girl Scout Cookies are already running their own businesses. They set goals, explore the inner workings of a small business, create business plans, practice making a good impression, and track sales and results—all skills that will help them be more successful in their careers and their lives.

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