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Smart Cookies Change the World

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is such an important (and fun!) part of the overall Girl Scout experience—tons of learning for her and beyond-delicious cookies for our awesome cookie customers! It’s a win-win.


Did you know? The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is the largest girl-led financial literacy program in the country. In fact, Girl Scouts NorCal girls have sold over 44 Million boxes of cookies - that's a lot of Thin Mints!

As cookie entrepreneurs, girls learn essential life skills like:




Decision making


Money management


People skills


Business ethics

...and so much more!

Girls learn to work as a team to accomplish common goals and solve problems, while building the confidence they need to shine as girls, as young women, and as future leaders. And did we mention fun? They have a ton of that along the way, too.

Every year Girl Scouts all over the country use their cookie earnings to do amazing things in their communities and beyond. From helping animal shelters and feeding the homeless to raising awareness about bullying, making public areas more accessible to people with disabilities, and tons more, Girl Scouts can and will do anything they put their hearts and minds to.

Remember: smart cookies don’t only better their own lives—they also have the vision to change the world.

And now with Digital Cookie 2.0, girls can do and learn even more—and have more fun than ever before—all while giving cookie customers more ways to support them and their goals.