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Help Rebuild Two Sentinels

Help Rebuild Two Sentinels

Our rustic mountain camp is celebrating 85 years of helping girls grow. Unfortunately, time and the elements are taking their toll, so we need your help to refurbish and modernize a few things: 

  • Our biffies no longer meet EPA standards and need to be replaced. 
  • The dining tarp needs to be upgraded to one that is treated with fire retardant and will withstand our summer weather. 
  • The Rover Platform needs a new top—our plan is to rebuild using composite boards, which are the more expensive option, however, would create a longer term solution.

If you want more information about the upcoming work, please visit our Two Sentinels website for details and pictures. If you just came from there and you're ready to support, complete the form below. We are so grateful for your contribution!

Thank you for your commitment to Two Sentinels and to Girl Scouting.