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Join the Juliette Gordon Low Society!

The Juliette Gordon Low Society

In 1912, Founder Juliette Gordon Low converted the carriage house of her home into the first Girl Scout national headquarters, and then gifted the property in her will.

Her bequest was the beginning of planned giving to Girl Scouts. In her memory, we honor and recognize friends of Girl Scouting who, like Juliette, choose to make Girl Scouts part of their legacy.

Become a Hero, and a SHE-RO!

You are the hero in your own life story! How will you leave your mark on the world? What will be your legacy? Let’s celebrate your vision for future generations of girls! A planned gift of any size is an investment in their future. Make your ultimate wishes come true and be a SHE-RO!

See which friends are already part of our Juliette Gordon Low Society:

Juliette Gordon Low Society Members
  • Anonymous Donors

    Katie Anderson

    Ardith L. Armstrong

    Jeanette Bemis

    Ellen Bermingham

    Bonnie R. Bliss

    Walter J. Bobkiewicz

    Marcie B. Brown

    Virginia L. Bryant

    Susan Burton

    Sara M. Cakebread

    Carol L. Campbell

    Leslie J. Carmichael

    Stephanie L. Chew

    Brenda H. Christensen

    Susan A. Coleman

    Nancy J. Corbin

    Nicholas A. Corsano

    Polly S. Cortez

    Arletta K. Cortright

    Nancy C. Derbish

    Saman Dias

    Joan M. Dove

    Dorothea M. Dutton

    Karen M. Eckhart

    Tessa R. Ennals

    Marian L. Gade 

    Karen D. Gilbert

    Teresa E. Gisske

    Beverly Graham

    Terri A. Hague

    Nancy H. Handel

    Michelle R. Harvey

    Karen Helmuth

    Sandy Holmes

    Carol E. Hoskins

    Nancy L. Johnsen

    Marcia J. Keeler

    Julie A. Kimelman

    Dianne Lamendola 

    Jody S. Lindell

    Linda E. Lococo 

    Michelle S. Luster 

    Pamela Mantegani

    Christine Matheney

  • Linda McClatchy

    Michelle M. McCormick

    N. Patricia McGuire

    Shannon M. McMath

    Nancy L. Mednick

    Leslie H. Miller

    Linda Mock

    JoAnne J. Neil

    Robert W. Newman

    Mary S. Okamura

    Marina H. Park

    Tisa Pederson

    Judith Pick

    Joyce A. Richards

    Katherine L. Richardson

    Mary Ellen Richey

    Julie Rotolo

    Erika Rottenberg

    Susan Rouder

    Betty Rowland

    Lillian L. Samuel

    Barbara Scheifler

    Corrinne Semas

    Barbara A. Shaw

    Sandra T. Shirai

    Kara L. Simone

    Rebecca J. Simpson

    Jack R. Soares

    Alma Sorensen

    Cherrill Spencer

    Cari Lyn Stanton

    Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh

    Anita Thompson

    Betty Tocchini

    Jeanne Toms

    Rose A. Triplett

    Suzanne Troxel

    Katharine A. Velleman

    Berenice Villasenor

    Patricia J. Webb

    Sara Wigh-McManis 

    Deborah E. Wilder

    Sherri L. Wood

    Wendie L. Wu


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Director of Major Gifts
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