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Volunteer helping with Girl Scout Cookie season

Cookie Volunteer Resources

Get excited for your best cookie program yet with this comprehensive list of resources designed to help you and your girls get your #cookieboss on!

Key Program Dates
Activity Date
eBudde opens to Troops December 15
Troop cookie sale meeting December/January
Troop's initial cookie order, ACH Authorization form & opt-out choice due  January 7
Digital Cookie emails to parents January 7
Digital Cookie Day events at offices January 19
Cookie distributions by Service Units January 23-27
GO DAY! Program Begins. Cookie booths begin and cookie cupboards open to Troop Cookie Managers January 28
First ACH Debit February 13
Second ACH Debit February 27
Cookie program ends - last day for booth and all sales March 3
eBudde locks to troops at end of day March 7
Final ACH Debit March 13
Reward Cards mailed to girls April
Recognition items distributed May
Experiential rewards and events June/July
Preparing for Your Cookie Program
During The Cookie Program

Online Cookie Program Trainings

We want to make sure that Troop Volunteers, Service Unit Volunteers, girls, and parents have everything they need for a successful Cookie Program! On the Volunteer Learning Portal, you'll find tons of resources as well as online training for every role.  

Troop Cookie Program Manager
  • new-troop-cookie-manager-badge
  • New Troop Cookie Program Manager
    Average Course Time: 85 minutes

  • experienced-troop-cookie-manager-badge
  • Experienced Troop Cookie Program Manager
    Average Course Time: 35 minutes

Service Unit Cookie Program Volunteer
  • su-cookie-manager-badge
  • Service Unit Cookie Program Manager
    Average Course Time: 55 minutes

  • su-booth-coordinator-badge
  • Service Unit Booth Coordinator
    Average Course Time: 38 minutes


  • su-cupboard-manager-badge
  • Cupboard Manager
    Course will launch Thursday, 11/8/18

Additional Trainings and Resources
  • booth-sale-badge
  • Booth Sales
    Average Course Time: 16 minutes


  • digital-cookie-badge
  • Digital Cookie
    Average Course Time: 20 minutes

  • credit-card-square-badge
  • Accepting Credit Cards
    Average Course Time: 30 minutes


eBudde Demo Videos: Coming Soon!

Additional Resources:

Did you know? Our volunteer support blog, The Trailhead, features tons of great articles to help you and your girls get the most out of your Cookie Program!