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Program boxes are not available at this time.
Please check back in Spring 2020.

Program Boxes

Learn by doing with our STEM program boxes and patch resources! Program boxes are filled with hands-on activity materials and instructions, designed to introduce girls to the science and technology we interact with every day. Using program box materials, girls collaborate to explore everything from animal habitats to engineering with wind power. Troops, groups, and individuals can borrow a program box from the council to make a Journey connection, earn a skill-building patch, or just have fun with something new.

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Engineering Boxes

Engineering: Apply scientific concepts and find innovative solutions to real world problems through hands-on activities. Patch and badge-earning boxes to choose from!

Space Science Boxes

Girls Go To Mars: Explore the science of our own planet and our closest planetary neighbors, Venus and Mars. This patch, developed in partnership with SETI, can be earned using the program box or sourcing your own materials. Additonal patch resources here!

Solar System Box: Select the perfect combination of activities for your girls to explore the Sun, Earth, Moon, planets, and eclipses. Originally designed to complement the 2017 solar eclipse, this all-level box includes a leader guide, along with materials for 14 hands-on activities. 

Green By Nature Boxes

Green By Nature: Connect with nature while learning to value and protect our Northern California home and beyond with these 6 engaging, rocker-earning boxes.

Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE) Box

Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE): Demonstrate your commitment to making the world a better place with these 2 patches, developed with Stanford University. Additional environment and energy conservation patch resources here!

Robotics Kits

Robotics: Design, build, and program your own robot. Choose your platform—LEGO® Mindstorm NXT or VEX IQ kits to help you tell your story and complete a challenge. Reserve your kits online now!