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GSNorCal works with the Girl Scout Research Institute, and other research based organizations to measure the impact of Girl Scout programming. We use this valuable data to inform policy, program, and make customer-centric decisions.

Soon, this page will be where we share our gathered findings. Right now, you can find information and frequently asked questions regarding the Girl Scout Voices Count survey.

Girl Scout Voices Count Survey - FAQs

What are the 2017 Girl Scout Voices Count Surveys?

Girl Scout Voices Count is a national survey of girls, parents and troop volunteers that is conducted each year by the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), a group of researchers who work at GSUSA. At Girl Scouts, we care about your experience, good or bad, and we want to hear from you! The survey results help GSUSA and local councils understand how to make Girl Scouts the best it can be.

When is the survey being sent out?

The first survey email invitations will be sent out on Monday, April 3. The survey will close on April 30. GSRI will be sending out reminder emails on April 12, 20 and 28.

Who will the invitations come from?

The survey invitations will come from Qualtrics, the online software GSRI uses for surveys. Invitations for girls will be sent to their parent’s email address. It may get caught by your spam filter, so be sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find the email!

The sender name on the email will say “Girl Scouts of the USA.” And the reply-to email address will be The subject line will differ for each customer group and for each reminder; however, every subject line will begin with either “Girl Survey,” “Parent Survey,” or “Volunteer Survey.”

Will I receive an invitation to take the survey?

If you are a registered girl member – Yes! Parents will receive a unique invitation for each child who is a Girl Scout. The headers for the surveys will designate which survey it is (e.g., “Girl Survey: Girl Scouts wants to hear from your girl!” or “Parent Survey: Girl Scouts wants your opinions! Share your voice and be entered to win!”). Within the body of the email, the girl participant’s name will be listed, to help you identify who should be taking each survey.                                                                                                    

If you are an adult who is a parent and/or troop leader - Maybe! This year the survey process is designed to have a 50% sample of adults – that means that only 50% of each survey group at our council –parents and troop leaders – will receive a survey invitation. The sample selection was randomly generated from a list of parents and troop leaders who have NOT opted out of receiving emails from GSUSA.

Because the adult surveys have a 50% random sample some adults will receive:

  • an invitation for girl(s) only but not them OR
  • invitations for both them and their girl(s)
I'm trying to take the survey and am having technical problems, what do I do?

What a bummer, sorry about that! If you’re having a problem, email Because this is a national survey, GSNorCal is not able fix technical problems directly. GSRI should reply within 24-48 hours.

For the full list of FAQs, click here!