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GSNorCal Troops Welcome International Friends for Thanksgiving Celebration


When local Girl Scout Jamie Satoto learned that a group of Indonesian Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were visiting Northern California and were anxious about how wearing the traditional Muslim hijabs might be seen when they arrived in the U.S., she eagerly proposed the idea of hosting the visiting Scouts for an American-style Thanksgiving dinner with her Girl Scout troop!

Satoto, member of troop #60009, and her mom contacted the group and invited them to their home, along with Morgan Hill Troops #61313, #62224, and #60530 (and a few Boy Scout siblings, too!), to give the visiting Scouts a great big Girl Scout welcome!

The Scouts got together and sang their national anthems, taught each other Girl Scout songs, showcased songs and dances from their respective cultures, and enjoyed sampling traditional American Thanksgiving foods and Indonesian foods together.

The real fun started when the Scouts had the freedom to play – they did the Mannequin Challenge together, exchanged social media information, played games, and sang. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Girl Scouts to have the chance to experience a new culture and meet brother and sister Scouts from around the world.

“Our co-leader team is very proud of our troop and our sister troops for setting a great Thanksgiving example for our international friends,” says Barbara Conly, Co-Leader of Troop #60009, “and we are so grateful to Girl Scouts for opportunities like this.”

A huge thank you to this troop's incredible leaders, Barbara Conly, Christine Nemoda, and Katrina Lomas, for all that they do for girls!