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Fall Product Sales

The 2016 Fall Product Sale has ended! Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts of Northern California. See you next year!

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Everyone knows we sell cookies in the winter, but did you know we also sell nuts and chocolate in the fall? Our fall product sale gives troops a chance to earn startup money without having to wait until cookie sale time in the winter. They can use the funds they earn to enjoy new and exciting opportunities right away!

The Fall Sale Program also emphasizes 5 key skills for girls to learn: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Training & Resources

Online Training

We want to make sure that Troop Leaders, Service Unit Volunteers, girls, and parents have everything they need for a fun and successful Fall Sale! Online training for every role and all the resources you need can be found on our Volunteer Learning Portal.

Helpful Resources

Nuts & Candy
ashdon farms theme 2016

Ashdon Farms
There are 13 delicious nut and candy selections from our vendor, Ashdon Farms. Prices range from $5-10.

Online Sale Program

Girls can invite their family and friends to support GSNorCal through online sales! After the girls register and customize their own online sales page, family and friends can visit their site and purchase magazines, nuts, and candy. Help your Girl Scout set up her online store starting September 26th.

Care to Give

Care to Give is a council-sponsored service project benefiting our local communities.

Girls Scouts offers its customers the option to purchase nut and candy products for $5 each to be donated to the military or a local food bank. Care to Give items are excluded from online sales.

Girl Scouts of Northern California's council offices will make the arrangements to have the items delivered to the appropriate organizations.

  • Customers receive a donation receipt for their purchase
  • Customers chose military or food bank for their donation
  • Girls Selling 3 or more Care to Give will receive a Share patch
  • Girls selling 10 or more Care to Give will earn the Rainbow Charm
Key Dates
10/1/2016 Initial orders begin and online set-up/ordering is open
10/16/2016 ACH Authorization form is due (submitted online); Initial orders due in Nut-E. Site locks at 11:59PM
10/28/2016 Product delivery and troop pick-up begins
11/4/2016 Public sale begins!
11/14/2016 Cupboard returns due
11/16/2016 Initial ACH debit
11/20/2016 Last day of sale!
11/21/2016 Final cupboard returns due
11/28/2016 Deadline to submit ACH discrepancy form (if needed) 9:00AM
11/30/2016 Final ACH debit due
January 2017 Recognitions distributed

Thanks for your support and participation in the Fall Product Sale Program!