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Ropes Course Programs

Skylark Ranch High & Low Ropes Course

Hidden among the redwood trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Skylark Ranch offers a low element Challenge Course and a high element High Ropes Course for reservation. The Challenge Course is designed to bring a full team building experience to any group, and the experience continues when you climb the redwoods and participate in group activities 25 feet in the air. The course is available to rent during the Fall (Sept-Dec) and Spring (Mar-May) seasons. If weather permits, some events may be scheduled during Jan & Feb. 

Dynamic Course: Participants experience challenges 25’ in the air! Some options include team building elements such as a Giant’s Ladder or High All Aboard. Groups also work as a belay team to support climbing participants on these elements. Other solo elements include activities like a multivine and incomplete bridge, where participants are belayed as they traverse elements and are cheered on by the group! Elements can be physically challenging, by the mental challenge is primary. Min age requirement is 4th grade and up.

Challenge Course: Participants work on teambuilding through interactive, engaging games and activities. There are a number of elements and ground initiatives to further develop cooperation on this course. Min age requirement is 2nd grade and up.

Bothin High & Low Ropes Course

Tucked in an enchanted corner of Bothin, crossing over a creek, you'll find a 3- level adventure course waiting for you! From teambuilding on the dynamic course, to individual challenges on the static course and zip line, come climb the giant cargo net tunnel and start your adventure today. The course is available to rent year round excluding the summer season (Jun-Aug).

Zip Line: Perfect for first time participants! Here’s your opportunity to scale our cago net and zip through the trees! Participants will learn about Challenge by Choice and safety equipment before experiencing our 85’ zip line! Min age requirement is 4th grade and up.

Static Course: Participants traverse elements such as an incomplete bridge and a tightrope before being lowered down from 25’ by their team! This options has a longer safety introduction due to the independent nature of participants taking responsibility to attach themselves to various anchor points. These elements tend to be more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge. At Bothin, this is the portion that goes back and forth across the creek. Min age requirement is 4th grade and up.

Dynamic Course: Ready for an extra challenge? Participant is attached to a dynamic rope that passes through a pulley above them and is kept tensioned by a belayer or belay team below. These elements tend to be more of a physical challenge than a mental challenge. At Bothin, this is the triple stack portion that goes up and over trees 65 feet in the air. Participants can try a solo element or buddy up to work together to scale the vertical playpen!  Min age requirement is 4th grade and up.

Participant Requirements

Participants must be 4th grade and older to go on the High Ropes Courses at all of our camps. Participants 2nd grade and older can go on the Challenge Courses. There are no specific weight and height restrictions, but equipment must fit properly and safely in order to participate. Two adults must be present on the ground during all activities as Ropes Course Instructors manage only ropes activities.

Ropes Course Instructors

Our Ropes Course Instructors are highly trained and qualified to lead your group through the ropes course tailored to your groups goals. All ropes course reservations include an Instructor lead experience. Due to the nature of the courses and experience required, the only option in using our Ropes Course is to also use our Ropes Course Instructors.

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