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Invest in Camp

Camp is the stage for girls to connect with nature, seek out challenges and adventures, engage in learn-by-doing activities, and build friendships and traditions. Girl Scout alumnae say the top two benefits of the Girl Scout experience are exposure to nature and the opportunity to try new things. And camping is girls’ number one most memorable outdoor activity in Girl Scouts.

We need your help with our two most used camps!

Girl Scouts of Northern California’s camp properties help us provide safe, affordable, and inspiring outdoor experiences for girls. At a time when children spend less time outdoors than any previous generation, camp properties are a critical resource. More than 70% of girls reported that they first tried an outdoor activity in Girl Scouts, and half said they would not have done one if not for Girl Scouts.

Part of our 100th Anniversary Campaign for Girls, and we are launching a campaign to raise $6.5 million to invest in our two most used camp properties, Camp Bothin in Marin County and Camp Butano Creek in San Mateo County. Your donation to our Camp Investment Campaign will help ensure that generations of girls can attend Girl Scout Camp.