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Got Choices

Got Choices is a prevention and intervention program designed to increase protective factors, reduce risk factors and support positive decision making in high risk teen and tween girls.

Got Choices provides a safe environment and extensive support for this vulnerable population through relationship building, health education, creative expression, service to the community, life skills and tools to make positive choices. We believe changing the current trajectory of a girl has the ability to change her life, her family and her community. We work with at risk teens, including teen mothers, incarcerated and gang-impacted youth, homeless teens and other girls who are in need of extra support to lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

"Really, Girl Scouts helps us be better decision-makers because it makes you think first before you act. You can finally see how one little mistake can change the whole direction of your life."
- Esmeralda Sanatana, Got Choices Program Manager


To learn more, contact Whitney Evans at